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Is there much difference between the MPS4 and MPS4s


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I do like eibach stuff tbh, so they’d get my money. CG will be fine with everything else OEM, I think it’s more important you take a list with you of what you like about the handling, what you dislike and how you want it to feel through fast and slow corners, as well as in a straight line. Always going to be compromise somewhere, but being specific (it’s too pointy at low speed, it’s too snappy at the rear at high speed, it wanders all over the motorway etc) will allow them to fine tune it perfectly for you. 

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34 minutes ago, W8BGS said:



Do you think the Moog or Eibach would do the trick. 




I assume Eibach is the way to go as long as they are fine with the rest of the set up being OEM. 

Hi @Adrian@TORQEN do you know if you have these in stock? Thanks. 

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14 hours ago, W8BGS said:

Ah OK, yeah I think they did say the rear was seized. Freshen up the suspension probably a good idea, but after just spending £740 on tyres I can't afford anything major. 


I just spotted these. Do you think they will do the trick? 




Anything more will have to wait otherwise until it goes to Centre Gravity in August, but if I can fix cheaply before then, then it's wise to get it sorted ASAP. 


Yes, I fitted a similar kit to my 350z and it worked a treat. Certain kits say you should notch the subframe for greater adjustment but I never bothered. I was pretty low on coilovers and once properly aligned never had any tyre issues. Must've done a good 15K on them and they look good as new, see photo 




I recommend plenty of rust buster to soak the nuts / bolts in and a long extension bar. Not the type of job you want to be doing on the floor as you won't get enough leverage and end up stripping the nuts 

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3 hours ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

Call the warehouse on 020 33 888 444 or WhatsApp on 075 9913 9999 please. I'm not in most of the days, so don't know the stock anymore :D 

No worries, I ordered from Torqen on Monday and they have been dispatched today 😁 

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So today was the day I had the eibach camber and toe bolts fitted. Good work again by Revtech. They took it to Tyreland for an alignment, I said the fronts were done a couple of weeks ago when I got the tyres and I have only driven the car once since. Tyreland are part of Pro Tyre (where I got the tyres from and who did the alignment) Tyre City said the fronts were way off and redid the front adjustment FOC. The rears really benefited from the Eibach bolts as you can see in the before and after. 



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7 minutes ago, davey_83 said:

Must drive lovely now!!! Strange you had so much rear camber before the wheel alignment.....


I think it was mainly because of the bolts being fitted as the old ones had seized. It was defo out before, but not that much! 

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18 hours ago, Umster said:

Question is, does it feel as good as the other Z you drove? 


Feel like you've been on an eternal mission to get a more direct feel in your Z but to no avail. Has this finally solved the issue? 

Ha, I will find that out later today, only drove it 2 mins back home yesterday. 

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Reviving this thread. 


Centre Gravity worked their magic yesterday and the car is so much better. It feels a lot like the one I drove all those years ago. Its a lot stiffer, the car isn't skittish or light at the front any more, yet almost all the changes were done with the back wheels. It is now set up for the road rather than track, but it feels so much better on the motorway, a and b roads. Money well spent, but I wish I had heard of them years ago. 


After all of this the car goes on Saturday as I have sold it. I am happy the new owner will benefit, even though I won't. 


Conclusion is that a few small changes can add up to a massive change, but you need to visit the specialists. 


Specs attached. It won't suit everyone as we are all individual and want different things and each car is different. 



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