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Help with a change of alloys


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Hi all, 

I am looking to change the wheels on my 06 350z and would appreciate some help/suggestions! 


At the moment I have a set of calibre 19" alloys on it (previous owners wheels) running 235/35 tyres front, and 275/35, tyres on the back, but personally I'm not a fan of the wheels or how rough it is on the roads (loads of speed bumps where I live, and even more potholes) so I'm looking to go back down to 18" alloys with a 40 series tyre profile. 


The wheels I have been looking at, are Japan Racing JR11s, and Japan Racing JR32 alloys, 

What do people think of these alloys, or any other suggestions of what I could look into? 


Thanks all in advance! 


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4 minutes ago, Ben–350Z said:

Those are rather nice. Though when I was chatting to the guys at Tarmac Sportz about them, they seemed to think substantial arch adjustment was needed to fit them :/

That's a shame, its a shame there are no shows or meetings at the moment, thats probably the best places for looking at wheels, it also depends on what your budget is, its a bit of a mine field when your looking for wheels 

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On 08/01/2021 at 12:57, Azurez33 said:

I’m literally in the process of getting my jr32s, 3dsm and 7twenty do some really nice alloys for the z, depends on the budget and your personal preference 

Azurez33, what setup are you going for with the JR32s? i was looking for 18x10.5 rears, but the only fronts i can find i think will need the arches flared to fit. if you have any more information on these please let me know! - the issue im having is find wheels that will clear the brembo calipers, but not stick out past the arches!

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On 11/01/2021 at 22:18, Olly350z said:


XXR 527D'S 




Nismo LMGT4's


I really like those LMGT4s, 


im looking to get a set of wheels with a deep concave face, rather than a dished alloy like i currently have on the car!

just need to keep money aside for tyres too as im dropping from a 19" to an 18", current price for tyres is going to be around 4-500 quid so im trying to keep myself to 900ish for the wheels

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