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My Zed Journey


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I had always been a fan of the 240/260Z and was quite excited when Nissan launched the 350Z. However, as I was considering purchasing one, Mazda launched the RX8. I was completely smitten with the RX8 and purchased a brand new one, probably one of the first in the country. I had never previously been tempted to buy a brand new car.

I kind of forgot about the 350Z for a few years until I was looking to change my car and my young son spotted one for sale close by and talked me into going to have a look. I went along to humour him but the car was very eye catching and in immaculate condition – when I say eye catching it really was, being a Temper Orange 350Z HR. I took it for a test drive and loved the sound, performance and handling but was a little put off by the lack of visibility – it was fitted with a Nismo rear spoiler and really heavy tint on the side and rear windows. Felt a bit like driving a van, only using wing mirrors. I could live with the lack of visibility but the question I was asking myself ‘was I too old for a bright orange car’.

A few days later I collected the car : ). It was a good price and I decided that if I didn’t like it then I could probably get my money back. Obviously I loved it.20140309_105310.jpg.aef35b58128c7967763feee8b11c4f00.jpg20140309_105326.jpg.e1959260b7db1542db8acd527c5ced01.jpg20140309_105346.jpg.89a1c9cb37bd322fc36a589be1071b18.jpg


After the Temper Orange 350Z I decided to upgrade to a 370Z, a natural progression. I found a nice white GT Edition, 7 speed auto. This was a really good car, the GT Edition has additional sound proofing and suspension tuned for UK roads. I did find myself missing the manual box from time to time but the auto box with paddle shift was pretty good.

In hindsight I should have probably kept this car but was being tempted by another…



Next up was what I thought was the pinnacle, a 370Z Nismo, again in white. Bit odd this one because it had done very few miles, was described as immaculate but was being sold privately for less than the We Buy Any Car price. It was quite a distance away but after speaking to the owner who sounded very genuine took a train to look, and buy and drive back, if as described. It was. The seller had been trying to P/X it so can only assume he had been offered a daft price and was crap at negotiating so had priced the car based on that. Although there was nothing wrong with the car itself it really was not for me, especially on the crap roads around where I live.

I absolutely loved the look of the car, the Nismo really does look fantastic, but found it way too skittish unless on perfectly smooth roads (hard to find).



After the Nismo I decided to try something different and bought an Audi RS3. These cars are awesome, very few cars would be faster A to B on any road type. It was quite an experience but they don’t really come alive until you are doing stupid speeds and I feared for my licence so that had to go. Nice thing about the RS3 is if you buy one a couple of years old they really hold their price so no financial loss.


I was missing my Zed’s but since the next one was just for weekend fun I decided to get another 350Z. Came across an immaculate, super low mileage 350Z DE revup. I really liked this car but since my son had now passed his driving test it was my wife who would be coming out with me and not him – and she hated it. The 350Z is a lot more raw than the 370Z and despite the low miles it still crashed and bumped its way around. Probably didn’t help that I had fitted it with a Cobra exhaust so it was noisy too. It was great for solo trips but not with a passenger. So after 14 months ownership it had to go.




I then toyed with the idea of a Porsche Cayman but since it was only going to be a toy, the purchase cost and ongoing costs put me off the idea. Also found during the test drives that they did not really excite me any more than my Zed’s so just settled on the idea of another Zed.


I found a 2016 370Z GT manual (in white again!) at a Maserati dealership. Very low miles, immaculate condition but it had sat in their showroom for nearly 12 months. As with the Nismo it was priced really low. The sales guy was very honest and showed me its pricing history and it was now up for sale nearly £9K less than they had started. He even showed me the paperwork to show what they had paid for it. It drove well, was pretty much as new so I bought it.

Covid-19 had put paid to me putting many miles on it, but so far it seems to be the best version of Zed for me. It is far better behaved on the crap road surfaces than the Nismo and does not crash around like the 350Z. I am getting older so the ‘softness’ is probably better suited to me.










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Very similar to my own Journey,i too was desperate for a RX8 and very nearly bought one but after the collapse of prices was glad I didn't.Instead I bought a Supra then Audi tt,followed by Asure blue 296 Z.When I retired thought I was too old for sporty cars and got a diesel Leon Cupra,which was a great family car but I couldn't shake the urge for another Z,so like you I bought a white GT edition 370 and I agree great for our roads however didn't get much chance to drive it as I was always shunting kids and grandkids around in the family car,so it was sold.Then two years ago I bought a 350z in black on here and love it .Now nearly 72 and will keep driving sports cars till I cant get in them anymore,cant shake the addiction:)

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10 hours ago, formatzero said:

Very similar to my own Journey,i too was desperate for a RX8 and very nearly bought one but after the collapse of prices was glad I didn't.

I was really lucky and realised there were 'issues' quite early on even though I had none with mine. I suspected that used prices may fall dramatically so decided to let it go. There was a bit of a waiting list when I sold mine so advertised it at a pretty high price. Couple of old folks turned up to look at it on behalf of their son who worked abroad. He was due home and they had been instructed to just buy it. No haggling and they didn't even look at it properly.

I did buy another a few years later for a bargain basement price when no-one would touch them and again had no problems at all.

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The journey continues.

Another Zed loaded and on its way home.

Just got to put my 2 Zeds together and decide which one to keep and which one to sell.

Temper Orange 350Z HR GT or White 2016 370Z GT. Its going to be tough, I like the extra refinement of the 370Z but the 350Z really stands out and will likely hold its value nicely.



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I cant keep up haha


Must be able to tell a good'un from a dud for sure by now at least

Personally what I would say, forget values and keep the one that makes you happy

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On 25/08/2020 at 12:10, Andy_Muxlow said:

Very nice line up of cars. Yeah keep them both :lol: you will only regret getting rid of 1 :lol::thumbs:

I think lockdown messed with my head a little and I have now parted with both the 370Z and 350Z.

I had picked up the 350Z from an auction, unseen gamble but cheap, had it been perfect it would have been an absolute bargain. It was mechanically great but was cosmetically challenged and playing havoc with my OCD. Got quotes to rectify but not easy with Temper Orange and financially did not make sense. I made a few quid on it when I sold it so nothing lost - and yes, buyer was well aware of cosmetic issues.

I decided to try something a bit different and have never owned a lightweight sports car. I am not a massive fan of the later MX5 looks so have bought an Abarth 124 Spider. Not many were sold in the UK due to their crazy new list price but at 2 years old and 10K miles they can be had for less than 50% of the new price. I picked up a fully loaded  bargain in immaculate condition and it is remarkably good fun. Easily and cheaply tuned due to it being a turbo. It may be italian design but it is built in Hiroshima so hopefully wont fall apart and I can still attend Japanese car meets.

I will end up in another Zed though. I am keeping my eyes open and if the right one comes along I will buy it and store it until I get bored with the Abarth. For now though it is fun and interesting to explore a completely different style of motoring.

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I've never really done the lightweight thing, although my Cerbera 4.5 wasn't that heavy at around 1150kg. Everyone raves about the way that a MX5 drives so I've no doubt that you will really enjoy the Abarth Spider. :thumbs:


Wishing you all the best with it and I like that they are a turbo so they can be fettled easily should you fancy it. B)

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Wow!! I found someone who is a worse petrol addict than me! :lol:


Both me and my other half had 350's although like you I originally got a brand new 2004 RX8 and had to wait 6 months for delivery. Black with red interior loved it, but 2 weeks before delivery was due I was made redundant! Decided to keep it and luckily found a job. If you look at my signature the cars I had since 2001 my first new car MR2. (More before then but classics).


I think you have done really well with your zeds and I was considering a 370 Nismo in storm white but plumped for the Mustang which was mixture of right timing and circumstances, love it, maybe give one a try they are very zed like. (Hint :lol:)


Good luck with your car journey.:thumbs:

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