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Paycos New Project and Build Thread


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1 hour ago, DoogyRev said:

they look great 😎 .... and for $100 🥳

Struck gold . Others are going for around £300/£400. This guy had them left over from a car he broke and wanted rid. Looked good In the photos but you ever know do you until you see them in the flesh. When I arrived I was very pleasantly surprised.

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That rear wing has done wonders for the look and balance of the car, very nice work. Seats will look amazing fitted also 👍we have a fair few non Z's coming to the Gaydon event, be great to have you on board also.

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Yep. Long story but I need to spend circa £15k to get it to where I really want it and if I can get what it’s worth which is 33-34k then I have close to 50k to get something else. And I have something very much in mind… Dont ask as not telling .👀😃 I truly love the car and it won’t go unless I get what it’s worth. Its cheap given what it is and where I have got it to. it’s the only one here in the UK on the road and arguably one of the best around . if you look at the prices of 240/260zs it’s a great price.



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2 hours ago, andy james said:

Didn’t see this coming Martin!

It’s a big decision Andy but it won’t go for a penny less than it’s truly worth. . It’s a labour of love and I would rather find something that is complete now. There is still work I want to do to it to get it to concours but it will mean the car being off the road for lengthy periods, money and time. I’ve concluded I would rather get a finished car and just enjoy it. I have developed my mechanical brain and knowledge of cars no end so it’s been a great experience. I will still be around to fulfil my club responsibilities if she does go. Have a great Euro trip with the boys. Will catch up when you return. Drive safely all.


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