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Zed Shed Antics - Something will happen!

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3 hours ago, Beb said:

How pink do you like your wheels?  :lol:

Considering the current state of them (flaking, corrosion) pink would be an improvement :lol:

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Yayyy it’s Friday :thumbs: 


Still at it on the powder coat oven, I decided to go the extra mile on the rack for hanging the items being powder coated, I could have just put a metal rack in or just a couple of bars but where is the fun in that?

Instead I got some box




Marked it up




Cut it out a




And the obligatory clean up :yawn: 




Then I had to drag the lathe off the wall :lol:




Just to make these




Then some plates




Lined up and tac welded on




Made these




And welded them on




Some more box




And some half inch bar




All joined together to make a shelf




That rolls out :thumbs:




Here are the rollers, I need to add a stop so it can’t fall out :scare:




I added a second set of plates and they bolt through the inner skin




I will weld these outer plates to the frame and weld the nuts on so they become captive so the shelf can be removed and it is not just held up by the inner skin :)


Stay safe, have a great weekend I should have an update on Monday :thumbs: 


Keyser - “Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else’s can shorten it.” – Cullen Hightower

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bet you could cook a whole cow in there ;)


nice work again, wanna see some more buggy work when u get the chance :thumbs:

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On 29/05/2020 at 10:50, neo said:

bet you could cook a whole cow in there ;)


nice work again, wanna see some more buggy work when u get the chance :thumbs:


I know, I know, Thing is I now I have gone the powder coat route I need the oven done before I can crack on with The Bug but I will post the coplete build when I get to it, should be starting back on that in the next week or so, depends how long it takes to finish the Oven and put the lathe back together, the good news is that after The Bug the next two projects are vehicle :thumbs:



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Morning all. Hope everyone had a good weekend :)


So I got a bit done on the oven, Hoping to get these side projects cleared over the next two weeks and then get back to some work on the vehicles, The Bug first though as I’d like to have that in one piece and maybe even get some use out of it in the summer!


The mad fire foam has dried :lol:




So I trimmed that down and test fitted the window frame,




On the small door




The foam had a big hole in it right where it is most needed, not sure why, maybe it’s because the foam is out of date :lol:




I’ll stick some more in when I do the last lot on the back.

I got part of the old SMEG




Cut some strips and ran them through the rollers to make loops




Then welded them onto Back plates




This was combined with a cut down box section to create mounts for the elements that stand 10 to 15mm off the inside skin of the oven




Then an old bit of pipe was cut into lengths




Some holes drilled




A bit of tube cut to length




Holes drilled in the oven




Then weld it all together




These are the light fittings and the tube is for the wiring




The oven seemed very happy with my work!




I may have been on my own in the Zed Shed to long, WILSON!!!!!!………………………………



I then added some more box section behind the rest of the areas an element will go through




The idea is to create some insulation area behind the elements as on the original ovent they just bolt them to the outside no insulation at all in places





I’m trying to increase efficiency and it makes the thin steel stronger in the stressed areas, to that end I used my last bottle of fire foam




After that had dried I trimed it all up




Added some insulation




Then riveted the back on




Then I opened all the access holes for the electrics.




The back looks like this now




Wilson? :shrug: 





Keyser - “I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.” – Emo Philips




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yeah, think you have been in the shed to loonnnnnng :lol:

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