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Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT


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I'm also think about rear spoilers.


I've got 2 in mind.  Either a Nismo V3 of which I can see a few well made replicas about (Tarmac Sportz)




Or the 350z Mercury Z Project GT3 Rear Spoiler


350z Mercury Z Project GT3 Rear Spoiler Wing


Though another option maybe the KBD Duckbill Style




After thoughts on this one please.

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Ive got some bits of the dash that i was thinking of wrapping in Alacantara anyway. If i go ahead with that it may tie in with the flocked A pillar.


Not sure if i can do the headlining though. I would imagine its at least £300 or so to get it done. Really depends on the material too.


Seems we've got more similar ideas as im also keeping an eye out for spoilers.


Either V2. Although trying to find one with good fitment...



or maybe the strosek style?



If you've got other mods on the back then i like V2, if not then the duckbill

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I've got spats on the back of mine and at some point want to put a diffuser used the the back.

I do quite like the look of that last one.  Not OTT.


Yeah V2 is nice but VERY rare I think?


Ouch I just saw the price of that strosek spoiler!

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Same, i have the N1 spats.  Out of all the spoilers ive looked at (ive spent time on it lol) i like the N2 style the most. But like you say, its a matter of finding one that fits well too.


Tarmac sportz to a Strosek Style one for about £250. You need to get the boot lip part in addition which is an easy used find on ebay.




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So while I've got the Oil Cooler installing and working, I'm having a nightmare with the lines.


They just seem to be too long.  They'll either end up dragging on the floor or I have to hack away at the plastics to get it fit.  Then it'll probably interfere with the wheel.


Anyone fitted one of these and got some advice or pictures of how you fitted it?

Don't suppose anyone is around this weekend who could give me a hand with it?




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On 08/10/2021 at 07:42, davey_83 said:

Can you not shorten the oil lines by cutting them down and redoing the ends?


Gauges look very trick.


Probably but after some more messing around I'm happier with the fit now.

Just being a pain.

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On 08/10/2021 at 07:56, Azurez33 said:

The v3 is very very nice but does come with its own I wouldn’t say issues but things you might not have thought about etc 




How do you mean?


tbh, given the price I'm probably going to pass over it anyway.

£500 just to buy then painting and fitting on top, can't really justify that cost.

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  • 9 months later...

Not many updates to report at the moment but I have just spent some money....


Drivers side Pillar pod is coming from https://www.southcoastflocking.com/

Fuel Pressure gauge

Intake air temp gauge


Do I need these?  No.

Do I want them? Yes.


Roof is getting wrapped in Gloss black on Wednesday.

Taking a Trip to @Tarmac@TarmacSportz next month too to get a rear diffuser fitted.


Not sure I ever posted it on here, but the whole rear of the exhaust has been re built.  It was straight piped (when I bought the car).  It was fun but too much.  Now have a "full sport" system from Long-life on the car. 

Very happy with it.


Excuse the rough and ready pics, taken when discussing the diffuser with Chris at TarmacSportz.

Uses the Torqen tips welded to the Long-life system.



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Does anyone know if you can run cables from the engine bay into the cabin under the brake master cylinder?

I know it can be done under the battery so I'm guess there is a similar route on this side too.

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10 minutes ago, davey_83 said:

Also interested in a gloss black roof, however just not sure. 


You'll absolutely love the TS rear splitter, finishes of the rear a treat.


Yeah I'm looking forward to it, when you compare the back of the 350 to the 370 it just lacks something.  And for me it's that diffuser.

If you're at Gaydon you'll be able to see the roof in person, though I think it's before I have the diffuser fitted.

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So I've been thinking about engine dress up kits (bolts).

The only place I can really see any these days is @Coz@TORQEN.  I like their kit for the Plenum and the strut brace but for the other kit I'm not a fan of the flat washers.  I'd prefer to find a kit with countersunk washers as I prefer the look.

There don't seem to be many kits (any?) like that about.


Any ideas what's out there? 

Best I can come up with at the moment is to make up my own for some of it.



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Posted (edited)

More updates.

Today the Roof was wrapped in gloss black and while we were there he also tinted my rear lights (indicators etc) for me.

These were spray tinted by this is now done with film.20220713_180121.jpg.6a301bd8fc3d3b8fe699f796acb3d9bb.jpg




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So installing the Z1 fuel port did not go quite to plan.

I either split (or it broke) the O ring on the fuel regulator.


So now my car is slowly leaking a bit of fuel and generally stinks.


New O ring arriving later today to get it sorted.


Also will be updating post 1 with all the mods etc.

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Just a bit of behind the scenes from the gauges.  

I wanted to ensure that everything was still easy to take out so the gauges are all wired into plugs for easy removal.


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