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Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT


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I thought I'd add in here the current state of the car



  • Lanea Corse LC818 Wheels (19 inch) - Gunmetal / Anthracite Link
  • 20mm Spacers
  • Unknow Disks and Pads (where on the car when bought, maybe EBC's)
  • Front Lip from Tarmac Sports
  • Gloss Black Roof Link
  • TS Rear Diffuser (coming in Aug) Link
  • TS Rear Spats Link
  • TS Front Lip Link
  • Tinted Rear Lower Lights



  • Full Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Link



  • Long life rear section (full sport)
  • 4" Torqen Tips Link
  • TS Y Pipe (to come) Link
  • TS High Flow Cats (to come) Link



  • Mishimoto Intake Link
  • Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit Link
  • Z1 Fuel Port Link
  • Nismo Oil Cap Link
  • Nismo Radiator Cap Link
  • EVO-R Harness Cover - On Order Link



  • Royal Steering Wheel - Tan stitched. Link
  • Nismo Gear Knob Link
  • Short Shift Kit
  • 380RS Throttle Peddle
  • Full XFire audio install Link
  • Pioneer Head unit - Android Auto Link
  • Prosport Gauges from Rspec UK
    • Volt Meter
    • Oil Temp
    • Oil Pressure
    • Intake Air Temp (to install)
    • Fuel Pressure (to install)




Now back to the programme...



Hi all,


New to 350z ownership.

Not planning on doing a whole lot as the car is really sorted already. (yeah that lasted long - future Dave)


I'm a fan of OEM+, especially on a car as unique as the 350.

Probably some rear spats and and a front lip spoiler might be enough to finish it off for what I like... Not sure who long that will last.


Here is how it looked when I picked it up.



media (1).jpg

media (2).jpg

media (3).jpg

media (4).jpg

media (5).jpg

media (6).jpg

media (7).jpg

media (8).jpg

media (9).jpg

media (12).jpg

media (13).jpg


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So, I've done a bit of work already.

New steering wheel from Jack of royal steering wheels.

I also pulled off the slip in silencers to reveal the very banged up tips.  These will be replaced on Thursday.


I'm undecided what to do with the exhaust.  it's straight pipes so it's very loud, sounds good but it can be ear splitting at times.  i might opt for some boxes on the box just to take the edge off.



Also wanted to show off the black diamond brakes that had been fitted.




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  • 1 month later...

So the new tips never happened.  The guy just wasn't able to fit me in.  He's working by himself.  New plan is to fit some Torqen Polished Tips.

Spent this morning sorting the headlights. 

Unfortunately I also caught the paint on the bumper while sanding it back.  Hardly noticeable thankfully, and I think some more polish will bring it back.











Might just be able to see the paint in this one:


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Also, after getting my car I fitted my Parrot Asteroid Smart.  I love this unit. 

Full android but, it is getting old now and my Nav software is no longer supported.  I'm thinking of getting a Xtrons unit but unsure of the quality.



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So, got my new android unit in.

So far it seeems very good.  SQ is good, probably not as good as something high end but is plenty good enough for me.

Will have to do a little more work with it as I also picked up a DTV module to go with it.  A job for a few weeks time though.


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  • 2 months later...

So just some updates for you. 

The suspension is being changed on Saturday. 

While the car looks good, it's not at all practical (relatively speaking :lol:) and I'm sure the coilovers are from ebay. Honesty I think if I close the boot hard enough it'll ground out! 


So I had a chat with my mate at demon-tweeks and a week later I had a full set of the Bilstein B12s sat in my kitchen. 


I used this on my BMW and never looked back. 

Firm and sporty but still with really good ride quality. 


Also, thanks to @Tarmac@TarmacSportz I now have hood dampers and rear spats to add. 


Hopefully some new pics over the weekend. 

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So, I didn't get a chance to take many pictures yesterday so these will have to do! 

All new Bilstein B12 Pro kit all round. 

Only thing left to do is get new spring pads in the rear. All had been removed. 

Didn't get a chance to put the rear spats on as I had the wrong tape to help bond them. 

That should be done in a few weeks time with a new front lip. 







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59 minutes ago, Getjiggy said:

Looks way better! What did you use and how hard was it to do?!? :huh:

I used e-tech spray tint. 

Masked the surrounding area off and spray on in a few layers. 

Probably had it all done in under an hour. 

That spray on ebay is only a few quid. 


You can also get the tint remover which will wipe away the tint but not the paint. 


So easy to use. 


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On ‎19‎/‎02‎/‎2019 at 12:32, daveo132 said:

Had the rear arches rolled this morning. 

Rob (Arch Attack) is a top bloke. Highly recommended from me! 


Now I can put my spacers back on. 




Hi i need my wheel arches rolled was there any problems with the paint cracking?

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  • daveo132 changed the title to Dave's '07 Gunmetal Grey GT

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