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Leather repair paint from Angelus

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Following on from the lazy quick fix above which will leave you with black hands :lol:

I purchased some leather acrylic paint from Angelus after watching numerous YouTube videos of how people use it to repair trainers and handbags.




Cost about a fiver each and £2.50 p&p.

They recommend a deglazer first, but it's just acetone which is basically nail polish remover!

My Zeds side bolster has started to show wear after 13 years of being my daily despite climbing in and out carefully to prevent excessive rubbing.


The seat base also showing wear at the seam.


So yesterday I gave the seats a good scrub with Dr Leather wipes, then a wipe with a damp towel.

Today I gave a light scrub with a cotton bud dipped in acetone to the affected areas.

After 3 light coats of the FLAT BLACK paint from Angelus....


I have to let this dry and put the top coat sealer tomorrow.

I'll be using the MATT ACRYLIC FINISHER.

I'll update when it's done, but so far I'm pretty chuffed for the small price paid.

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2 light coats of the Matt finisher/sealer applied and dried and the finish now blends into the surrounding perfectly.

The Flat Black from Angelus is a perfect match for the zed black leather.

The amount of gloss/sheen from the top coat sealer can be dulled further with the addition of Angelus Duller mixed in with the Matt Acrylic Finisher.

If my seats were new and more matt I think the Duller would be required but on 13 yrs old seats the Matt Acrylic Finisher is just right.

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Just seen how cheap this repair was via your other thread! if anyone knew the code for paint for the orange seats that would be magic?

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Technically not a repair the leather is the same strength as before it just looks better, it's still worth being careful getting in and out the car and ensuring a tear doesn't form! 

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