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how do you remove the covers off the triple dash gauges? 370z


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as per topic title, been searching for videos of clear instructions how to remove the 3 covers off the triple dash gauges on the 370z?


thanks for looking.

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With great difficulty! You will be very very lucky to get them off without breaking (at least one of) the tabs that hold them in place. Basically you need a strong wire hook tool (I made one from a coat hanger hook 😉), hold the cover at the back nearest the windscreen with your hand and pull towards you and up and you'll feel the rear catch release (that's the easy bit). Then you need to slip the hook down either side of the cover towards the front (near the gauge) and unhook the plastic clip. There is a guide online somewhere.

It IS a pig of a job

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Hey guys, bit late to the party here but I’m wanting to get off JUST the silver trim pieces, not the cluster if I can. Any advice? I know there’s 3 hooks but I cannot get the top to pop out no matter what I try and I don’t want to break it!

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