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I've succumbed

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Just bought these bad boys




I know these will generate likes and dislikes but be aware that the latest Porsche 'fad' is a red pinstripe on black wheels ... at extra cost



so I thought I might try to emulate them ;)

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That fireplace is beautiful!

better than garish white letters on your tyres

Life's a game ... PLAY IT !

How much were they? I always thought these looked quite good if you could colour match them to something else.


I'd only go for this style though, I don't like the stick on ones.

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But Hugh is not a terrible driver, and can park properly :p


I dunno man, they might look okay but I just can't see it with contrasting colours. Car looks beautiful as it is :)

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If you need them to protect your wheels from kerbing you need to learn how to park


.....I really should get my wife some

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This is more a 'style' thing than a 'protection' thing for me ... I thought long and hard about a diamon cut edge to define the wheel/tyre interface, however I couldn't be bothered with the hassle so this is a one stop shop solution which is totally reversible if I can't live with it



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