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DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

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Holy f*** can you detail my exhaust? :cloud9:


Have you tested what the sound level is at say 4500rpm like a track day static test? Mine is currently around 102-105dB with similar configuration but larger diameter piping....

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Went out first thing this morning around town, to make use of the extra hour. Forgot how good cars looks on cobblestone streets.            

Cleaned the engine bay the other day and the blower was handy for drying out the little hard to reach places     Fitted my polished plenum that I've had for almost a year, thought if it's ev

Had to pull over for a pic on yesterday's essential drive out   

Posted Images

Great work on the polishing of the exhaust, you must have loved watching it shine up like that. 


PS, I think I have been to that Hooters in Nottingham, must have been 15 years ago now with my old uni mates on a stag do!

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Would love to!!


Wow, that's loud. Not took it through the gears yet, but doesn't seem overly loud. This will show your age, to describe it reminds me of the first time you heard a Pulsar GTi-R with a fresh Mongoose fitted :wub: would like to know it's dB though. 


Still wanting a rear under view of your custom set up.


Yeah, really enjoyed it!! Every inch got a clean and polish.



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Last night used ONR for the first time, such a strange experience as for the last 20 yrs I've used suds and a hose. Wash technique was pretty, good but seeing the drying towel getting dirty meant working methodically was key. Wash bucket stayed clean till the end, which at least showed the benefits of the 2BW method.


No additional swirls added and I used the product in the fashion not to inflict swirls, but to really lean on it to see what it's all about. Impressed and will be using this as my midweek/light dirt wash.






Bucket state after the wash 



After wheels 





Then the night shots I was dreading...






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Damn you Lewis working on my subconscious again haha


Swapped over to my summer wheels and set about cleaning out the arches, taking advantage of the overlaps labour.


- Bilt Hamber Autofoam 5:1 through foam cannon.

- Various scrubber brushed

- ACF50 for the suspension and steering components

- Autoglym Tyre dressing for wheel arch liners


Dirty now clean pictures


Behold the floating Zed 



Deep clean required for another day



Not looking terrible for 18 months worth











Dried and protected










Wheels the day before curing in the sun after a coat of Gtechniq C4





First time ever swapping wheels using an impact gun, best driveway DIY tool ever





Car washed and dried as the bodywork has over spray from cleaning the wheel arches, tyres dressed in what can only be described as Jerry Curl Oil :lol:



Tyres pumped back up from 30/31 psi to 34psi and relax




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Haha I’m flattered!


Love an arch clean, mega job! What a difference. Also is always a good sight to see when your summer wheels are fitted :yahoo:


Sorry I couldn’t make it today, Car was still in the unit. All done now though, looking forward to meeting up B)

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Aka the bad influence 


Nice one pal, I saw the lad with the Silver 350z with V1 Nismo kit and LMGT4 come into the services and at a glance thought yay Lewis is here :dry:


Will hump heads with the other regional organisers and get something on the calendar.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Since having the new burnt tip exhaust fitted, it's become even more apparent the rear was lacking presence. Having stainless roll tips before helped give shape to the rear, which was now lacking. Picked up the bits below and set about fitting these prior to the Midlands Z meet on Sunday.


Massive thank you to @CLASSIX for prepping and painting the rear spats, a perfect colour match and glossy finish. Soon after @ShortPaul was selling a DE bumper insert and who can say no to a bit of carbon.








First up, the easy part.




The diffuser took muck fettling to sit right against the bumper.










Spats also needed contouring, grinder stones and emery paper required once bulking areas marked out.






Never dealt with any type of bondo but slapped out the tiger seal. Heat gun also helped to relax the fibreglass.






Left to cure and the next day, ta damn





Considering I've not done any minor body fitting before, I was quite proud of myself for getting stuck in.





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Took longer than 6 days but she's very nearing completion, more than happy with the looks now. Over a factory GT, its more towards a GTS feel. Inline with what manufacturers currently offer for their sport cars ie suspension, exhaust, wheels, diffuser, splitter, alcantra and carbon options.


Edit - bumped her down a notch, from Clubsport to GTS











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Rarely do i get to see my car through the lens of a camera other than my own, thanks to @cob1980 for the below pictures from last night's mini meet B) 


Proper nice low light captures thank you 











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Good work, although I am not a fan of the rear spats the effort on your part to DIY cannot be faulted I know I don't have the balls to do something like that! 


I saw you have a photo of some C4 which I presume you used somewhere in the process, as I know you like to try stuff out I would really recommend for anything you want returning to black something called Solution Finish, its a bit pricey but better than any other 'back to black' type product I have tried over the years. 


Otherwise, good to see the nice wheels back on and kudos on the arch clean.

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Cheers pal, I was never taken by the Nismo rear spats over the years and was very much in two minds about them along with the rear TS diffuser. Once the self tappers and tiger seal come out there no going back haha. C4 used on my carbon mirror caps and now the front bumper insert. Ideally to help with yellowing due to UV. Several items of carbon fibre later and for me the mix is about right.


Ahhh yes Ive used Solution Finish on the Nissan Sunny plastic bumpers, very good stuff indeed. Just have to be careful how it's applied, I found I had to apply in continuous lines left to right, whereas with C4 you can get away looks wise with changing direction mid panel. Whereas SF needed contain levelling out prior to bonding to the surface.

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Fitted a lightweight crank pulley, tackled the job from up top. Definitely possible but unless you have skinny long fingers like me, set aside the time to take of the engine undertray to do it properly. 


1kg vs 2.8kg



Turned over twice by hand to check for binding, alignment looks good



All tucked away hidden


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Cheers pal, getting the spanners out on your own car is all part of the joy. In my excitement went out for a drive last night and the difference was felt straight away. Watching out for the placebo effect, I weren't expecting alot.


Rolling on/off the throttle feels more fluid if that makes sense. I guess that touch easier now asking the big VQ to go from declaration to acceleration. Revs out quicker and so pulls just that touch harder. When pulling away normally, now feels smoother on take-up *always personally struggled with this. Even part throttle feels keen to build rpm.


 I would say it's made more of a difference to acceleration than any individual engine/exhaust mod thus far.

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