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DB Nissan 350z GT 05'


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Literally perfect conditions for a drive out. Nice to be able to float about the Cotswolds in fine weather with it being nice and quiet.


Reset wash and dry the next day of course





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Spring clean time ☺️


Bilt Hamber Autofoam pre wash

2 bucket wash *with Magnum 

Autoglym Magma iron remover

Bilt Hamber clay bar



Single stage machine polish 3' and 6' pads

Menzerna SF4500

Autoglym Ultra HD Wax

Gtechniq quick detailer as last touch

Auto Finesse aqua coat on wheels 






Hex pad on the broad panels




Spot pad for the bumpers, spoiler, mirrors and A posts






All complete 






The following day......... typical














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And it looks gorgeous btw, I’ve not been a fan of silver/light grey cars for most of my years but I swear to god this definitely changes my stand on the z  along with a few other members on here! good work 

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5 hours ago, Azurez33 said:

Is magnum a good way to strip back sealants? I’ve heard fairy liquid is haha 

It's Aldi's version of fairy haha yeah I use it before a clay and polish to help brake down the old wax and sealant. Hands feel super soft after too ☺️


It's a common colour for sure. The depth and pop in a well looked after gunmetal is lovely. 

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With the 350z being a magnet for stone chips, I set about adding PPF to the carbon insert. Had some clear film about and gave it a go, came out awful. So before long it was off, think a combination of having the film too long and it being packaged to tightly *racing driver excuses




Off it came boooo.




New stuff part way through application, following a thorough degrease.




Install protective top layer being peeled away.




Final look, way better and having more time certainly helped.




Next up, more front end changes. Came across a pair of OE facelift headlamps on eBay that man maths said yes. A few days later and the kind UPS man delivered a nice big package.


Install time 




Old wrap holding up incredibly well for a DIY effort, still very glossy circa 3 years later.




Once fitted gave them a single stage machine polish to add clarity, before deciding on whether to wrap.........












Few days later, a different sort of 50/50 🙄




B&W render

*post wrap


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16 hours ago, stevezzz said:

I like them stock usually , but that looks so cool! Spot on!! your dedication shines through that paintB)


Cheers pal, thank you


3 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

Mad wrap skills.

Going round curves I found SO HARD I gave up 


I've made a mess about as many times as not, it's just trial and error. Plus the more expensive the material, the easier to work with. 


The new wrap soon came off as they came out a tad dark compared to the last wrap, different supplier.


From the 350z - 370z meet a couple weeks back 


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8 hours ago, HEADPHONES said:

The green wheel nuts complement the wheels nicely.

Who would have thought green would work so well.


Cheers fella, they're neo chrome lugs so change colour according to conditions 🌈

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I think a tint looks best, assuming you're not ballsy enough to open them up and spray the insides like I'm not.


The chrome of the Z lights is a bit too much IMO (especially against my blue paintwork). How about a GT4/GT300-esque dark amber tint? (less bright yellow than mine)

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Definitely not a fan of yellow tint on headlamps, but yeah I know what you mean too much bling but long as they're clean I guess. 

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