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350Z Vertical Tonneau Cover / Boot Divider


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Hi Bri,


Yeah I'm still making them matey. I have used an orange for the Z before, it's not a perfect colour match, but it doesn't look out of place in a sunset Zed. Let me know if you'd like me to make you one or have any further queries. ;thumbs:


Cheers, Ian


Yip absolutely Ian, pm me your bank account and ful name details and I'll send the payment tomorrow mate.

Actually pi**ed I didn't catch this thread back in November.

Thanks, Bri.

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Hi just a quick question about getting the Z emblem in blade grey í ½í¹í ½í¸€í ½í¸Š


Although it wouldn't be an exact colour match, I can wrap the Z using vinyl. So can do a gunmetal or silver colour no probs. There's also a brushed ally or steel look vinyl available if you want to add another subtle element.

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Wow looking good , I am soo looking forward to this and will be sharing this when the Milton keynes posse meets up 27th January next Wednesday if it arrives by thn .Thank Ian :teeth:

It'll be dropped off this evening and I imagine collected tomorrow, so fingers crossed you should have it by Wednesday :thumbs:


Had my eye on one of these for a while now. Are there any of the original 10 at £50 still available?

Yes I can make you one no worries, I'll drop you a PM.


:) looks soooo good. (In the pic) can't wait to see it. Pics to follow once in

Thanks Stu, I'll look forward to the pics. I think they do look better once fitted.


Ian, Are you able to make we one up with a Blue Z ?. Can you PM me if this is possible.

Of course Martin, no problems mate. I'll drop you a PM :thumbs:

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Hi All,


I'll be making 10 Vertical Tonneau Covers / Boot Dividers for the special price of £50 (this includes delivery).


Their primary use is to prevent prying eyes peering into your boot and seeing whatever it is you're carrying, but they do also stop shopping flying into the cabin under heavy braking and they do reduce road noise a little. Here are a few pics for those that may not have previously seen them:









Further details and images can be found on my Member Trader's thread here: http://www.350z-uk.c...r-boot-divider/


The offer includes a divider with (pretty much) any colour 'Z' as they can be wrapped in material or vinyl, it doesn't include any of the "one off" designs I'm afraid. :)


So let's start a list, if you'd like one, please add your name, you know the drill.


Cheers, Ian :)


1. bigjimg (Orig) - Paid - Posted - Received

2. mdunbar (Orig) - Paid - Posted - Received

3. PPod (Orig) - Paid - Posted - Received

4. -G- (Brushed ally) - Paid - Posted - Received

5. Tobyn123 ( - Paid - Posted - Received

6. Kieran_ctr (Blue) - Paid - Posted - Received

7. Stuggerz (Blue) - Paid - Posted

8. Irn Bru (Orange/Sunset) - Paid - Posted

9. Kbad (Brushed steel) - Paid - Posted

10. Hayd350 (Orig)

11. Payco (Blue)

12. Tickettone



I've sent you a PM with colour choice Ian.


Thanks bud.



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Got mine today. :) neighbour just dropped it in. Looks so good.


I just got bk from footy, put the zed away (wrapped up) then see it on the table. Photos to follow.


Would highly recommend it. Build quality is so so good. :) cant thank you enough.

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Just had to share this feedback received from Martin (Payco). Thanks mate, it's very much appreciated :thumbs:


Received my boot divider from Ian last week and fitted it yesterday.First and foremost Ian is a pleasure to transact with.The product in my opinion is better than oem.The simplistic fit is simply brilliant,tight as as ducks rear end.I recommend this product to anyone who is considering it.Just get on and get yourself one.Full marks Ian.

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