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350Z Vertical Tonneau Cover / Boot Divider


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Go on then I'll take one if they're still up for grabs :teeth: . All black Z for me please, no colours B) .

No problem, thank you. I'll send you a PM :thumbs:


I got one of these and quality is excellent. Definitely recommend this.

Glad you're still happy with it and it's serving you well :)


I've got one, but it keeps falling down when driving, even if the boot is empty. Are these meant to gave something to hold them in place or are they meant for the thicker pile boot mat?

Pagey, sorry to hear you've got one that keeps falling out. Looking through the list of all the dividers I've ever made (both on this thread and my first thread with the full list of over 150 on), I don't seem to have made one for you, so I'm assuming it's not one of mine. Although I do appreciate that dividers along with cars do change hands. Could you tell me where you got the divider from please? All the dividers I make are test fitted in my own car to ensure the fit is correct - And I do not have the thicker pile carpet, just the thin OEM one.


I maybe able to help with your fitment issues if you'd like to drop me a PM. I've tried various different methods to ensure a snug fit, so I could possibly suggest one that'll help.

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Hello 14N, wasn't slating it at all pal, the quality of it is brilliant. I did buy it from eBay from a chap who bought it from here but it looks identical to the one's you make. Happy to try a couple of things. Was thinking about putting something under the mat where it sits or some grippy bits of rubber where it touches the plastic trim on top edge...


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Ahh OK, there were some others being made and sold, on here and eBay, but let's focus on getting yours sorted and fitting as it should.


If you PM me your address I'll send you a neoprene strip that I add to the top edge that helps the fitment and also lightly 'grips' the plastic of the underside of the strut brace. I'm sure this will help solve your issue.

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Hi 14N, could I have one of these off you please ?




Hi 14N,could I purchase one of these from you?.


Thanks Glen.


PMs sent/replied to :thumbs:


Very interested in one of these as soon as one of my unwanted cars sell.


My car is Azure blue but my roof, door handles, badges and centre console are carbon wrapped. Torn between blue and carbon for the Z. Thoughts?


Personally, I'd go for the carbon rather than the blue. Although the blue Z looks great in an Azure car, I think the carbon will sit nicely with the carbon accents you have already. B):thumbs:

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