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    370z Nismo

    Mine could be for sale depending on what colour you’d like and price.
  2. Where did you manage to find 245/40/19 in pilot sport 4s? Also for any tyre gurus would 255/40/19 and 295/35/19 fit without altering the ride hide?
  3. After 3 years of owning the Nismo unfortunately I managed to kerb one of the rear alloys recently and decided its time to have them refurbed. Just looking for opinions on what colour to go and whether to go diamond cut again or not. Any suggestions are are welcome along with those who are photoshop experts and can provide examples. Car is white just for reference. Thanks in advance.
  4. Just been looking more into this and will increasing the tyre size to 265/35/19 and 305/30/19 increase the arch gap as well? If so would 255/40/19 and 295/35/19 be an alternative?
  5. Only problem is mps4s don’t come in the size needed for the Nismo. Mine will need replacing soon too as last time I managed to get mpss as last of stock but they are all gone now. Think I’ll need to go 265/35/19 front and 305/30/19 rear.
  6. I’m wondering if anyone has managed to get a touch up for the red accents in the 2015> Nismo. I have a stone chip about the size of a 5p. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. I mean the back of the seat including bolsters and front. The seat comes as a base and back. The base had no issues and therefore was not replaced.
  8. I can guarantee that my seat backs have been replaced twice. I will try and see if I have any of the warranty invoices to hand. I had absolutely no resistance from Nissan what so ever. Garage ordered the parts and they came in a few weeks later then were fitted.
  9. I had the exact same issue with my seats and Alex F Noble Nissan in Edinburgh put it to Nissan and was accepted straight away for a warranty claim. I’ve had it replaced twice as it has done the exact same thing. I think it’s the case of your warranty department pushing for it.
  10. Boot looks great. Did you add any sound deadening as well?
  11. Sure am. Managed to get the last of the MPSS however will be due a new set soon.
  12. How do you feel with the 255/35/19 front tyres? How do they look?
  13. I got the Xtreme clutch and fly kit from Clark Motorsport when I had my 350z and it was one of the best additions I made to the car. Revved so much more freely. I couldn’t recommend both the kit and supplier more.
  14. If you’re happy then that’s all that counts. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the car when it arrives!
  15. I’ve seen Nissan doesn’t have a good reputation when it comes to customer services but Alex F Noble in Edinburgh have been spot on.
  16. The first time they stated they had been in touch with recaro and they had admitted responsibility for faulty leather. The second time nothing was said didn’t even have to take the car in to let them see I simply called the dealership...who by the way were excellent on both occasion and they ordered a new one. Both time they were factory orders and took 3-4 weeks to arrive.
  17. I had the same problem with my Nismo. Had 2 new seats from Nissan under warranty. On my third now and no signs of wear so far. I’ve done 15000 miles.
  18. I bought my first zed when I was 19 and ran it for a few years. Then ended up buying a 370z Nismo at 21. However living in Scotland made my insurance considerably cheaper than what you’re even paying for the Volvo.
  19. Boot popper are a problem with all Z’s it seems I had the same problem with my 350 and 370z Nismo. Sure they will get it sorted for you. Glad you’re enjoying it.
  20. Mine was supplied with Bridgestone S001 which I wasn’t a fan of at all. Certainly when I went in for my service the two they had in the showroom both had these as well.
  21. The power difference isn’t huge but it can be felt slightly. The biggest improvement is the suspension. It feels a lot tighter and more direct than a standard 370z
  22. Wheels are coated already and lots of fun has been had....unfortunately trying to get out of my street before work in the morning isn’t as fun having no grip.
  23. With all the snow we have been getting in Scotland recently and the ice in between I’ve decided it’s definitely time to invest in some winter wheels. Car is a 2016 Nismo however I think fitting smaller wheels would be beneficial with a larger profile tyre. Has anyone got any suggestion for wheels and tyres? Or has anyone used 350z rays on a 370z? Thanks
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