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  1. Hi Guy's I have a 67 plate 370z Nismo. Would like to keep the original steering wheel, but also get a re-trimmed wheel from Royal steering wheels. Will any 370z wheel fit with my air-bag etc. Then i can buy one and send it to Royal Cheers Dave.
  2. Not sure what you mean buddy, enlighten me? Cheers Dave.
  3. Hi Guy's I have fitted Tarmac Sports resonated short Tails to my 370z Nismo. I have a lot of vibration at approx 3500rpm, any idea as to why and a cure. Cheers Dave.
  4. Hi Guy's Anxiously waiting to pick up new to me 370z Nismo in white, picking it up Sunday, Woo-Hoo. 67 plate with 8,000 miles. Cheers Dave.
  5. martek

    370z Nismo

    Looking for Face-Lift Buddy.
  6. martek

    370z Nismo

    Wanted 370z Nismo, cash waiting for right car. Cheers Dave.
  7. Hi Guy's Thinking of buying a 370z Nismo, what does the Sport button do? Cheers Dave.
  8. Hi Guy's I may be back in the fold very soon. Had a Nismo kitted 350z and then a Veilside kitted 350z, so 350z ownership for roughly 7 years. Now thinking of a 370z Nismo. What are the actual differences between a 370z and the Nismo 370z? Regards Dave.
  9. Sounds good, offer still there if you want to have a look over Xmas. Cheers Dave.
  10. Hi Mate Already have my new M4, i'm in no rush to sell this, so if you are serious, could be your's in March. It's already tucked away for Winter as it has been the last 4 years. Why don't you pop over and have a look. Cheers Dave.
  11. Hi Guy's Time has come to sell my Genuine Veilside 350z. Only for Sale due to New car arriving. 53plate, UK GT model. MOT to June 2018. As photo's show, beautiful condition. 74,500miles. Have owned for the past 5 years. ( Taken off the road for Winter) Genuine Veilside Body-Kit fitted by ESR Motorsports. Have CD of all work done to car at this time, Arches have been professionally re-modeled to accept wide body kit and give the desired clearance for the wheels. Can't remember everything i have done right now, but a few mod's include. Veilside Body-kit, Genuine. Zedd 20" Wheels. Berk Hi-Flow Cats mated to a True Dual HKS expensive exhaust system with Titanium adjustable tips. Sounds Awesome. Engine fitted intake spacer plate, Takeda hard pipe intake kit. Rolling road tune at TDI North. Carbon Engine cover, battery cover and brake cylinder cover. Summit polished alloy strut brace. New battery fitted in August along with new Auxiliary belts. Have also fitted new motor to passenger window. VGC Black Leather with Polished Alloy Gear-Knob. 7-Stage Throttle controller. Brand New Later Hi-Rev bonnet with the bulge and LED rear lights. DBD Grooved Brake Rotors all round and Nismo S-Tune brake pads. I know there are more to name, but cannot remember right now. Car runs superb and am reluctant to sell, i still love it and the looks you get are crazy. But new car forces sale £7500 no offers. Regards David.
  12. Sold to Has. Please lock thread. Cheers Dave.
  13. Japspeed K1 With bungs. Excellent condition. £180 collected from Nottingham NG11. Can send more photo's by e-mail Regards Dave.





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