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  1. Converted 370z steering Wheel. I bought a replacement 370z steering wheel and sent it to Royal Steering Wheels to convert. Royal steering wheel conversion, Flat bottom, Alcantara Sides, Leather top and bottom with Red Stripe. As new, removed from car before sale. Uses your own Air-Bag. £250 collection Cheers Dave.
  2. Genuine Tarmac Sportz Resonated Short Tails with 5" Burnt Titanium tips. Perfect fit for the Nismo bumper and amazing sound replacement for the underwhelming stock Nismo system. In excellent condition, professionally fitted and removed for sale. £300 collection Cheers Dave.
  3. 67 Plate 370z NISMO FOR SALE - £22,750 Located in Nottingham. 12,200 miles, house move forces reluctant sale. Please contact me for details Thank you Dave.
  4. Hi Guy's I have a 67 plate 370z Nismo. Would like to keep the original steering wheel, but also get a re-trimmed wheel from Royal steering wheels. Will any 370z wheel fit with my air-bag etc. Then i can buy one and send it to Royal Cheers Dave.
  5. Not sure what you mean buddy, enlighten me? Cheers Dave.
  6. Hi Guy's I have fitted Tarmac Sports resonated short Tails to my 370z Nismo. I have a lot of vibration at approx 3500rpm, any idea as to why and a cure. Cheers Dave.
  7. Hi Guy's Anxiously waiting to pick up new to me 370z Nismo in white, picking it up Sunday, Woo-Hoo. 67 plate with 8,000 miles. Cheers Dave.
  8. martek

    370z Nismo

    Looking for Face-Lift Buddy.
  9. martek

    370z Nismo

    Wanted 370z Nismo, cash waiting for right car. Cheers Dave.
  10. Hi Guy's Thinking of buying a 370z Nismo, what does the Sport button do? Cheers Dave.
  11. Hi Guy's I may be back in the fold very soon. Had a Nismo kitted 350z and then a Veilside kitted 350z, so 350z ownership for roughly 7 years. Now thinking of a 370z Nismo. What are the actual differences between a 370z and the Nismo 370z? Regards Dave.
  12. Sounds good, offer still there if you want to have a look over Xmas. Cheers Dave.





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