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  1. Many happy returns, have a good day.
  2. Its over 10 years for me, probably more like 15+, i have had them follow me a few times but i guess as soon as they pull up the driver info from there PC they see my age and think the cars bound to be legal.
  3. There are plenty of generic kits about, just don't go too large on the cooler, and make sure you use a thermostatic take of plate, or you will end up over cooling during the winter, which is just as bad if not worse than over heating, by the way most modern synthetic oils will handle temps up to and above 130C.
  4. Under what circumstances does it reach 120C? on the track? i would be suspecting the temp sensor or gauge, or some other reason, before looking at fitting an oil cooler, put it this way it took a big single oil cooled turbo fitted to my 2JZ motor on a very hot day to push my running temps to over 120C.
  5. First you would need to know how hot the oil temps get, modern synthetic oils can handle temps up to 130C +, and i seriously doubt Nissan would design the oil system without keeping the temps in hotter country's in mind, so unless your tracking the car on a regular basis, i really wouldn't worry
  6. Most Japanese imports will be better looked after than an equivalent UK car.
  7. You can always just change the colour to whatever you like,just send off the log book stating the colour change, its not a problem.
  8. It lives!!!! was expecting the Amals to leak all over the place, and flood it but no it started almost first kick, and does so pretty much every time, still smokes a bit too much , but i am hoping it will clear itself once it gets a chance thoroughly warm up, was a little worried when the oil pressure took a while to come up, still a little low for my taste but that could be the gauge, so will run it up a few more times and then take it for a quick spin in the next few days.:grinno:
  9. This sort of thing is allays going to happen, its just the current political/social/racial climate that needs to put labels to it. There are always going to be nutters/murder's/fanatics in this world, if this had happened in the 50s-60s it would have been attributed to the criminal underworld or the Russians.
  10. 60cm dish and LNB for about £25-35 from ebay or just an LNB for £10, but i would first check that the cable is OK.
  11. Is the tuner in the TV working correctly, IE does it just report no signal or another fault? what TV is it? all kind of depends what you want, my TV has built in satellite positioner as well so i have a larger motorised dish, but if you just have free-sat then you just need a small fixed dish and universal LNB, which you can ger cheap from ebay.
  12. Well am I correct to think I can replace my transmission cooler with the oil cooler? Also I'm not tracking the car but aesthetically the 9 isn't doing it for me - too small. 19 or 25 are sizes I like. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk You may find that a large oil cooler will over cool transmission fluid, although i am not 100% on that, the std units are pretty small anyway, and should be quite sufficient for normal road use, oil coolers are designed for passing move viscus fluid IE engine oil and so may be overkill.
  13. Sorry wasn't paying attention meant that Edd China was leaving the US Wheeler Dealers.
  14. Transmission cooler wise it shouldn't hurt to go 25, although for road you wont need the same cooling as being tracked, , but if your talking oil cooler you can definitely over cool.
  15. I would check to make sure its not the tuner first, as you may be replacing the dish/LNB for nothing, however it most likely to be the LNB which is an easy fix.
  16. Edd China is leaving the US series due to there not being enough of the mechanical content featured, typical! i guess US TV just wants instant restorations...shame!
  17. JoshC the pic of those decats look like they already have integral spacers to avoid CEL, but its obviously not enough, but that is where the cat lambdas fit.
  18. Can you explain just how the engine runs lean with decats. and by how much, AFR etc, as air fuel is determined by incoming airflow,and lambda feedback, so anything that increases/decreases this will be compensated for by lambda feedback, so in order for the ECU not to be able to compensate AFRs would need to be way out of range which decats alone would not do, if this was the case a lot of Z would be in a bad state.
  19. Cheers mate! I'm sure my mates garage will know what goes where, but just out of interest, where do these go then? I take it the the lambda senors are either before or after the cats and not connected to the cats directly? Excuse the daft questions The ones your trying to stop showing a CEL are the in cat lambdas, which show a slightly different signal to the main, they are there for two reasons, firstly to notify if the cats are overheating which means that they are failing/blocked, and secondly as a back up should the main lambdas go down.
  20. Should be fine, nearly all lambda sensors have a M18 1.5 thread.
  21. Once primed with an etch primer, you could use a filler/primer, but at 1mm those scratches are going to need a filler or stopper to loose them.
  22. Tricky-Ricky


    I guess its a case of beauty is in the eye of the beholder, i bought one rather than a Z, as i think its a nicer looking car, far more practical and with the same performance.
  23. Always loved the Corrado, wanted one for a long time when i owned a Scirocco, but they where too expensive.
  24. That's another reason too, however it shouldn't make a vast amount of difference unless temps are sub zero all the time, modern engines are designed for quick warm up and the VQ is no exception with a rad bypass pipe to help, so cold enrichment time in theory shouldn't be a lot different, at least not enough to cause that change in consumption.
  25. Fuel economy will be worse in cold weather, cold air is denser so the MAF is measuring more airflow so adding more fuel = more fuel consumption, however if its making that much difference i would suspect a lambda sensor or dirty MAF.
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