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  1. Tomh94

    Side Skirts

    I have the Tarmac Sportz one’s, if you can tell from the picture. Good addition!
  2. Tomh94

    Harness bar

    Anyone had any experience with fitting harnesses and a harness bar to their 370? Can’t seem to find much on it and want to make sure I get a bar that fits cheers
  3. Anyone driving from the north east want to meet up?
  4. I have decats already Adrian, but was just toying with the idea of deleting the back box on my invidia system. So we’ll see!
  5. Anyone know if the invidia backbox is the same layout as the original back box? looking to remove the backbox and put some aam end pipes in it’s place but need to know if the tips will sit the same or not. cheera
  6. Yeah unfortunately i’ve already done exactly that
  7. I’ve noticed over the last 6 months or so my gearbox has gotten a lot stiffer on my 09 370. 1st to 2nd often goes in with a crunch and does not feel great, 2nd to 3rd can also be quite notchy and stiff and above about 120mph it simply will not go into 6th, which is quite concerning. I noticed this whilst driving through Germany on the autobahn, Genuinely the truth, not just making excuses for speeding :’) Just wondered if anyone had any similar gearbox issues or has any advice on what could help cheers
  8. Tomh94

    Work Emotion T7r

    Looks smart mate, never seen a yellow 350!
  9. Tomh94

    Work Emotion T7r

    Yeah BC’s have 30 levels of damping adjustment so you can set them up how you want
  10. Tomh94

    Work Emotion T7r

    BC’s have been spot on for me, end of the day you get what you pay for. BC’s are enough adjustability for performance but go pretty low as well. I rate them!
  11. Tomh94

    Work Emotion T7r

    Yeah I had a look at those, look a nice design
  12. Tomh94

    Work Emotion T7r

    Depends what you spec buddy, the ones I have were £1100 excluding frames and rails and stuff
  13. Tomh94

    Work Emotion T7r

    Haha another grimbarian! Mods so far are coilovers, invidia exhaust with de cat’s, corbeau seats, carbon fibre steering wheel, carbon duckbill spoiler and now the wheels!



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