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  1. Had a great day at Japfest and even come back with some silverware
  2. If anyone is interested someone from our group has dropped out meaning there is a ticket up for grabs. Message myself or LRF4N if interested
  3. I actually turned up to a recovery job for an uninsured car quite recently in Bolton or Wigan. When I arrived the police on scene said that they were a drone squad
  4. wvSTUwv LRF4N Daniel94 Daniel? Ansar (not on here)
  5. If anyone is interested please book your tickets soon as there’s not long left, so far there are 5 of us confirmed and paid
  6. If anyone is interested in joining my stand for Japfest Donnington the club name is Zeds-uk and the password is Zeds
  7. I'm interested in getting mine done as well, so if it is possible for a group buy, you can add me to the list
  8. I'm going as well. I bought tickets for Silverstone but couldn't attend and the only way I could kind of get my money back was to swap the tickets over. They asked me what club will I be attending with I said this forum but they said they didn't have a stand but I could set a stand up. I did but under a different name I said I would swap stands nearer the time but it's looking like I will have a stand on my own. people can come on my stand if they want IL have to find out the details though
  9. I had the same problem with my fog light 1 day before my MOT when I turned it on it quickly turned itself off. The problem with mine was a poor connection on the new fog light wire to the original wire. Hopefully you can get it sorted. I did post a video on the Facebook group asking for people suggestions
  10. 1. andy James + 1 PAID 2. glrnet PAID 3. Shire + 1 PAID 4. Andy_Muxlow PAID 5. Nso93-paid 6. SHEZZA PAID 7. TEEJAY +1 PAI 8. Liamm56 +1 PAID 9. cs2000 PAID 10. Trott + 1 PAID 11. 14N PAID 12. ShortPaul +1 PAID 13. Jay84 Paid 14. Panman +1 PAID 15. grigiux +1 PAID 16. jamesmac PAID 17. Valy - PAID 18. XSuperDan - PAID 19. Paul K +1 - Paid 20. Silverthorn - PAID 21. LIVIU - PAID 22. Nismoandy- +1 PAID . 23. pagan PAID 24. Modo +1 Paid updated the list by taking me off it
  11. Phoned them today I couldn’t get a refund but they have let me swap the tickets over to Donnington
  12. I’ve just booked a holiday which clashes with japfest. Any ideas on whether I will be able to get my money back or maybe swap the tickets for donnington?
  13. Just got mine. Bit gutted I never made it in but pressing send on my email might of helped great quality again
  14. Hope I'm not too late I have sent you a message



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