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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, for my next question i would like to ask anybody who had owned a turbocharged performance car before owning a 350Z just what differences in particular they noticed when they changed, obviously the turbo punch is going to be very noticeable at first, but what are the good and bad points? am i going to be hugely disappointed? Yes i know i need to drive one really, so i am looking for somewhere that has one for sale that i can take out for a test drive.
  2. Hi and thanks! think i have the link fixed now. Had a quick look at the FAQ section, is there anything else i should watch out for when buying? imports or UK.
  3. Hi guys, prospective new 350Z owner here, will be a bit of a change coming from a 500BHP single turbo Supra, but i want something a little more practical, and a little more quick B road friendly Looking at this add, anybody recognise, or know anything about it? http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1109775.htm I have been a member on several different car forums, and i find it pays to ask those who are in the know so to speak. Thanks for any help.
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