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My New exhaust


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Hey guys and gals, just thought I would share a quick video clip and a few pics of my new exhaust......... since Mr. Rev asked so nicely :lol: They are not the best as its blowing a bloody gale out there and rather cold :cold::lol:


Anyway its a true dual custom exhaust, which I basically got him to replicate the HKS styling as I loved it but couldnt afford to spend 2k on an exhaust :blush:


I will get some better pics and video clip up soon, but this was just to keep some people happy :lol: I love it...... its a really deep sound, which settles down while cruising until you blip the throttle and go over 3k revs then its :evil::band:


Anyway hope you enjoy :thumbs:







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Cheers guys :thumbs: I have to say I now LOVE my 370z.. I was gutted when I initially got in the 370z and reved it. But it now sounds as good as it looks :#1:


Kev...... I got the exhaust at Simons Custom Exhausts who are based In East Kilbride.... thats the guys who done my zorst on the 350z :thumbs:

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Cheers guys and gals..... Neil... will you be able to handle another trip there? I know he stressed you out the last time :lol:

lol it does sound sweet though. I love the deep sound. I loved the k1 deepness but it had too much volume :lol:

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True dual all the way :lol: I am getting two small boxes put in the mid section to quieten it down a little colin as its great when you rev it etc. But cruising on the motorway it is a litte noisy.... so once it gets the boxes it will be perfect hopefully :blush:

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