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  1. Deal me in! Sundays are probably best - I have England vs Scotland rugby tickets for weekend of the 24th so no then please haha
  2. 1. Ditched the defrosted food. 2. It's integrated and can't find anywhere to buy the same one. 3. If its a simple part replacement would save me ball ache.
  3. Hey everyone, I have an integrated fridge/freezer in out kitchen. The model is a Ignis ARL 758/A. The missus started to notice that things in the freezer were defrosting and when I got in on Tuesday all the food had defrosted. I don't think the fridge is as cold as it should be either. Anyways, I turned it off and defrosted the bitch. Turned it back on, compressor kicks in and freezes my test pizza. Come in the next day, defrosted again. I left the doors open for 5 mins and it kicks in to life again. I assume that since the compressor can kick in and still freeze that the fault maybe lies with something like the thermostat. I kinda figured that the compressor wouldn't kick in at all if the thermostat was broken. Any words of advice?
  4. Replacing anything on it is pretty pricey to be honest. But for the performance, I don't think there are many other cars in the same price bracket that will match it.
  5. https://m.facebook.com/events/1519706631410263/ Next Sunday at the riverside museum. Should be a good turnout. Who’s game? 1. Irfan (Lexus RC) 2. John (350z HR) 3. BennyGt4 4. Craig (R35 GT-R) 5.
  6. If it's a week on Sunday why don't we meet at the Tartan Tarmac meet on the Sunday morning. Get our cars together, see some other nice cars and there is always a food van of some sort there too.
  7. We used to have meets fairly often in Central Scotland a good few years ago . If you so something out Glasgow way let me know and I might swing by. If not try and get a crew representing at the next Tartan Tarmac or something. Would be good to put a few faces to cars.
  8. Irfan on here picked me up a clay microfibre cloth thing after using my DA. Not used it yet but looks like it could be a good alternative to standard clay. Is your car the flat artic white or storm white? I think the storm white has a nice sheen to it - the wife's juke is storm white and comes up well when cleaned.
  9. Yeah loving it buddy! Not loving cleaning it or fuelling it though lol
  10. I am by no means a master detailer and to be honest I don't really enjoy doing it that much. However I like the end result so always happy to find a product that makes life easier. A few months ago I started using R222 wax and I really like it. It is so easy to apply and remove, gives a good shine and is pretty reasonably priced. No doubt some of you are already using it but incase you are like me and hadn't, might be worth a try. Only downside is I down think it is is long lasting as some other waxes but the ease of application makes up for that I think.
  11. I dropped by near the end of this today but most stuff had left. I was visiting my parents who stay near by so thought I would swing by. A few nice supras were still there.
  12. That's the one! I see this quite a lot.
  13. Congrats on the purchase mate. You better man up and see this one through! Looks awesome - less is more with the G35, eh?
  14. Hey Irfan! This one was at the SECC to launch the Ignition festival next weekend. It's normally hosted at Motherwell College Campus. I'll give you a shout the next time one is coming up although Tartan Tarmac have a website if you want to check it out.
  15. I went to the Tartan Tarmac meet with my friend (S1 Elise 111S) at the weekend and I have to say, I was pretty impressed. The variety of cars on display for a free display is brilliant (dare I say as good as the Scottish car show which is £20 per head). They run an event on the last Sunday of every month if you are in central Scotland and this kind of thing interests you. Only thing is £5.50 for a cheeseburger - total bump! Official video - my car rolling in at 10 secs Me leaving... My photographs...
  16. Shite! haha Jesting mate - as usual first class I wouldn't expect anything else from you!
  17. On Facebook it says there is a car meet at Hamilton retail park at 6.30pm. Anybody been to a cruise control event before? I was going to swing by if there was anything decent to look at but if it's Costa crew would rather give it a miss.
  18. I think I pass you most days on the way to and from work. I had been taking the back roads from Airdrie through newmains etc while work on the M74 was ongoing. Use motorway now. Are you a silver 350 with black spoiler and lip.
  19. I had my 350z for four years before selling it several years ago. At the time most of my money was spent modifying the exterior, interior and dressing the engine bay. Without going down the FI route there wasn't much bang for buck power upgrade wise which I think was one of the main down points of the 350z. Yes, there was Uprev but if I recall you were looking at about 20BHP and slightly more torque. However, with that said I think the zed is a brilliant all rounder - looks great (even today I think it has aged well), fun to drive and sounds awesome. I truly enjoyed everyday of ownership! I considered picking up an s2 exige after selling my zed and probably will at some point but as I'm a sucker for all things Jap and having always wanted to get my bum in a R35, I saved and saved until I could buy one outright. I bought a facelift GT-R and have loved every minute of it. It's a completely different animal from the zed - slight turbo lag for a start however the power is unlike anything I have experienced, the traction is insane and yes (and I am sure this is a qualm for many) you can definitely sense computer wizardry at times when you plant power. However (and this may sound a constradiction), I think there is still something very raw about the way it drives - it certainly isn't boring. Modifying wise, like the 350z, there is a mass of stuff out there. Unlike the 350z there are lots of good value tuning options out there; my car is a Litchfield stage 4 (so approx 640BHP) - downpipes to take it to a stage 4.25 will see 660BHP - I think beyond this you are talking forged engine and bigger turbos. So far I have had no real urges to modify the car aesthetics as I think it is stunning as it is. I said this when I bought my 350z though so we 'll see what the future holds.
  20. I wish I had come along. I toyed with the idea but ended up driving to Crail which didn't have the biggest turnout. When is the next one?
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