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  1. 1. Irfan (350GT) 2. BennyGt4 (350z) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  2. I don't suppose anyone is heading to Tartan Tarmac tomorrow morning? https://www.facebook.com/events/551601065204978
  3. I've not tried proper drifting on a track yet but would love to give it a shot. Would be keen to have a practice day with you guys! Sounds good! I'll try to make it along!
  4. Definitely interested in meets this year - Have you guys ever done track days/nights at Knockhill or Driftland?
  5. I'm up for that! Yeah there's defo one on the 26th - here's the Facebook event for it.
  6. If it's the 26th, I'll come along Will bring my camera along too and get some pictures
  7. I wasn't sure on the bgw either - but it's grown on me. Thinking about replacing it with a ducktail or something smaller. If I take it off now, I'm going to be left with some nasty bolt holes
  8. Newb from West Lothian Not sure if I can make this one - got a lot of work piled up. Defo the next one!
  9. I'll no doubt see you flying around at some point I've got a @*!# ton of Uni work to get done for the 22nd - might not make that one Defo keen for a meet soon! Would be sick to meet some of you guys and get a mini photo shoot with all the Z's together.
  10. Hey guys! New 350z owner from central Scotland with my yellow Gt4 Owned this beast for the past 3 weeks or so -travelled down to London to pick it up. I believe the previous owner was from the Coventry area... he might be on these forums already? Anyway - looking forward to meeting some of you eventually!
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