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  1. I am 100% down for this, been wanting to do it for years! i am also a photographer, you can check out some of my work on my page on Facebook and instagram 'Dani Austin Photography'. 1: Irn Bru + 1 2: ShaunRS +1 3. Rob350 + 1 4: TomBorehamUK +1 5: Bigjimg + 1 6.Brummiestormer+1 7. Miss_Dani350z +1
  2. Hi I'm Dani Austin, I have owned my first 350z since May this year but have only just recently sign up to the forum! Not much has changed on her yet but there are plans in the pipeline for the old girl. So far my time has been spent getting bits and bobs done which were needed and hopefully she'll pass her MOT which is due on monday (fingers crossed!!!!!)
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