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  1. so you have something to compare your price to ive just quoted for a job as follows. Worcester 34cdi combi wireless programmable time clock ( worcester plug in one ) scale reducer due to hard water ( may not need) Magna clean ( also optional ) new rad valves isolation vales for kitchen, outside tap....... alter and tidy up all pipe work in boiler location increase gas pipe size for boiler and run distance. condense run and power flush plus pipe and fittings prob about 60m total £2300 boilers vary in price massively due to size and make so it is hard to say whats a good price when comparing so many variables. i always install to how i would expect it to be done in my house. and all my work is word of mouth no advertisement. so i would hope thats a good sign on how happy my customers are.
  2. HFC also known as high flow cats, and the cosworth drop in, is an after market air filter to fit the existing air box.
  3. this is the rally school i went to best day ever http://www.philprice.co.uk/
  4. just to add if they ask you if you want extra insurance for £25 or so do it. then if you crash or damage the car you can just walk away, one bloke smashed the wing mirror off a LP640 and had to pay the exess. where i went the cars were a little worn and the brakes warped to hell but as long as you didnt drive directly behind the car in front you could do what you want. if you can do a rally day do that as well, there so much better and will make you really think about your driving ability as there care the life out of you
  5. magic84

    My New exhaust

    very nice didnt take you long to put your name on it
  6. i done one a few years ago at prodrive i think, i think if they have the car you have always wanted to own drive that. ive always wanted a ferrari so choose that and loved every second, but trust me its all over in a flash so ragg the balls off it.
  7. welcome theres a great 350z nismo in taunton keep an eye out for it.
  8. sorry for laughing but this is what i do for a living. when the gang start work make sure you make it clear you need access to your drive and they will put a steel plate over the hole for you. they can also provide you with elec heaters and hot plates if you need them. make them lots of t and and im sure there look after you.
  9. i think buster has one of these fitted
  10. +1 what is the point in this, they all need there balls cutting off and stuffed into there mouth
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