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  1. never even noticed hahaha all the right letters are there dosent mtater waht odrer there in good luck with the build
  2. Sounds like rusted discs due to the recent weather you have been experiencing in the uk
  3. I expect your inbox is full yeah i would agree as i have just tried a PM again and it is still the same you are unable to receive new messages
  4. i will try and drop you a PM again. i am out of country also until the 13th feb if no luck drop me a PM with your email and i can communicate through there if thats ok thanks Steve
  5. lamby

    Help with car

    hi mate and welcome by the way, Iif it is an import and was first registered in the UK then it has been here a while, and depending on the quality of the importer and there underspray wax coating abilities, you could find some rust about make sure to have a good look about underneath the car for rust and also signs of overspray paint if it has been repaired anywhere! also if it is an import to add to plummermans post when u lock the car the wing mirrors will fold in automatically this was never an option on UK cars, my knowledge on import models is not that great but im sure all JDM cars had that as standard. just check it out and then as Plummer man said do some research into the UK equivalent and mileage etc. Good luck
  6. hi mate nice car is it still for sale by any chance? i want another 350 lol
  7. Car now sold thanks for all the comments and thanks for looking mods please lock!! The ar will be sadly missed
  8. Hi All, Here are some pictures i have just taken tonight including Remap Graph from RS tuning and i appologise my mistake it is 293.3 BHP as seen on the graph not what i put in original post as 296 BHP which was off the top of my head i do appologise. PLEASE NOTE THE NUMBER PLATE WILL NOT BE SOLD WITH THE CAR I FORGOT TO MENTION THIS IN ORIGINAL POST AGAIN APPOLOGIES FOR ANY CONFUSION MY HEAD IS NOT WITH IT AT THE MOMENT. but non the less please see photos below. also there is a video in there with the exhaust note with the nismo exhaust with the berk HFC Thanks Steve
  9. Typical clutch install at a guess by a good mechanic would orbs be half a day to a full day so split it in the middle and probs about 6 hours. The mark you can see on the rear bumper after closer inspection of the photo and the car is actually the reflection off the back of my iPhone (little apple sign I think) definately no mark tere on the rear bumper on the car I'm going to take not pictures tonight to conform with forum guidelines anyway so you will see! I think in the advert I may have got the dates mixed up as I'm 99% sure the cats were on before the remap so the BHP and remap are current. Yes it is a uprev remap performed by RS Tuning and I do have the printout to prove BHP If I can find it tonight in the dark then I will take pictures of it also and post up. Thanks for your interest I hope this answers you questions any more feel free to ask thanks Steve
  10. Thanks for the comments guys Elrao I will look into that tonight and will reply to ur pm tonight
  11. Fishmanboy: are you sure i cannot tempt you to come up and purchase it cant be too far!! bobbyheinz: u may be surprised at the quote i have for the car it is relatively cheap for the car that it is. and also thanks to all for the good luck wishes. i will be very sad to see it go as ive had so many good times in the can and i love it wish it didnt have to go but needs must i suppose.
  12. Fishmanboy: im sure at that price you could come up and purchase it lol where are you from? Bobbyheinz: im only 24 bought the car first standard and insurance was cheap and now with all modifications declared insurance is still cheap i can tell you how much if you wish? Thanks for all the good luck wishes guys. just wish it didnt have to go will be sad to see it go i love the car and once the house is done and everything you never know i may buy another one lol or something more ridiculous hahaha
  13. Hi all, I am putting my beloved Azure 350z for sale as recently just bought a house and looking to free up some cash to re-decorate etc. First of all it is Azure blue with Black Leather interior with GT pack Bose Sound system all usual extras etc. It has 80,000 miles on the clock and has had regular oil and filter changes with good quality oil, recent work carried out to the car has been new DBA wiper slot Discs all round and new Ferodo DS 2500 pads all round also bought from ZMANALEX and work done 3 months ago by myself, it also has BERK High flow cats fitted to it also 3 months ago fitted by my local garage. The car has been remapped by RS Tuning 4 months ago BHP Increase from 269 BHP to 296 BHP with DYNO print out to prove. Also about 6 months ago the gearbox oil and rear Diff oil was flushed and changed. both front wheel bearings have been replaced with genuine nissan spare parts most recent one was 6 months ago near side front and about 12 months ago the offside was replaced again by local garage. The car has 3 months tax and 3 months MOT remaining, Falken 452 on rear and bridgestones on fornt all tyres are in good condition with about 3-4 mm all round. Spare original alloys and Falken 452 all around are in excellent condition only few months old and have around 6-8mm all round. Previous history when i first bought the car October 2008 it had a tappet noise problem causing some noise from the engine i had the top end of the engine stripped and valve clearances checked and found them to be worn so replaced the worn valve lifters with genuine nissan spare parts and had the engine flushed and rebuilt (top end) and i can honestly say the car has never missed a beat ever since and have had no other problems with it apart from that. Modifications: Motordyne Plenum spacer JWT Popcharger NISMO exhaust system Eibach PRO STREET Lowering Springs Berk HFC Remapped Nismo replica bodykit Rear diffuser Aluminium door sills LED interior lighting RAYS alloys 18" Clear side markers Nismo Mats stubby aerial NISMO carbon fibre B pillars NISMO Gear knob Also i have standard parts for cats, Springs, rear spoiler and door sills and 5 spoke wheels and tyres. I have an Exedy clutch kit which has not been fitted yet the clutch is almost at the end of its life and i was going to fit it but then bought a house so decided no to fit it and unfortunately now i have decided that the car must go so the clutch and all standard parts i have will come with the car if the price is right. All round the car is in good condition and will be sorry to see it go have loved every moment of ownership however other priorities have taken over now. There are some chips in the front bumper and some scratches on the front bumper also so will require a respray to the front bumper. also some filthy tow-rag tried to steal the Z badge off the boot and failed but it is snapped pictures to follow soon. Any questions or interest please contact me and any constructive comments from members regarding the ad are welcomed thank you for looking. Car MUST GO!!! £6450 ONO Pics of spare wheels 5 spoke original alloys and other spare parts can be taken upon request. NOTE: Pictures posted are from july and october, will get recent pictures up at the weekend and any other info on request. Can be contacted via PM. Cheers Steve Also as keep forgetting about things about the car as this is the first car advert i have done and reluctantly writing it at that but. the car is a UK model and has the GT pack, Black leather interior, Heated and electric seats, brembo brakes, BOSE Sound system. the car also is sitting on 25mm spacers for those who havent already noticed. my appologies for keep missing stuff off the Original Post. More pictures page 2-3
  14. Haha yeah it was a bit hectic if I remember rightly!! Where are u located mate??





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