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  1. never even noticed hahaha all the right letters are there dosent mtater waht odrer there in good luck with the build
  2. Sounds like rusted discs due to the recent weather you have been experiencing in the uk
  3. I expect your inbox is full yeah i would agree as i have just tried a PM again and it is still the same you are unable to receive new messages
  4. i will try and drop you a PM again. i am out of country also until the 13th feb if no luck drop me a PM with your email and i can communicate through there if thats ok thanks Steve
  5. lamby

    Help with car

    hi mate and welcome by the way, Iif it is an import and was first registered in the UK then it has been here a while, and depending on the quality of the importer and there underspray wax coating abilities, you could find some rust about make sure to have a good look about underneath the car for rust and also signs of overspray paint if it has been repaired anywhere! also if it is an import to add to plummermans post when u lock the car the wing mirrors will fold in automatically this was never an option on UK cars, my knowledge on import models is not that great but im sure all JDM cars had that as standard. just check it out and then as Plummer man said do some research into the UK equivalent and mileage etc. Good luck
  6. hi mate nice car is it still for sale by any chance? i want another 350 lol
  7. Rich my plan with my front plate is to get a one made slightly smaller than standard with slight spacing reduction to make the plate alot smaller and put it over the towing eye hole in the front grill but im going to keep the rear plate fully legal so hopefully will attract alot less attention Well thats the plan anyway
  8. iv been done before but i got done one day and told to change them then the next day i got pulled again so £30 fine each time and 2 strikes even though i explained that i was on my wqay to change them when i got pulled and explained that i was just puled 24 hours ago but he was a tw@t and said it was already logged so had to pay 2 fines iv sinced corrected the spacing on my plate
  9. they are looking totally sweet mate so all those late nights were worth it i wish my interior looked like that!!! well done and a really good job!! What you going to do with the bose headunit??
  10. Name: Tyra Make: Dog Model: Boxer Bitch Age: 11 month old born in September 08 purchased by my self in October 08 Likes: The Beach and long walk's, playing with tennis balls, comforting strokes and cuddles Dislikes: Fireworks and thunder storms, Dogs bigger than her



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