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2007 350z Revup (Nismo V1 aerokit & LMGT4 alloys)


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Hi guys


Now that I've collected my new car the zed is up for sale. I'll be very sad to see it go but I don't have the space or need for it anymore. 


Anyways here's the ebay link-



Happy to do a little discount for a fellow forum member. 


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12 hours ago, pintopete58 said:

Hi bud . I think it's a tad expensive taking into account rusty arch punters are thinking we're else is it rusty but that's my opinion and glwys


I know what you mean, if I don't get any interest I might look at getting the arch sorted.

The rest of the car and the underside is really clean, just that one arch that's letting it down.


I've priced it judging by what else is up for sale at the moment, there's bog standard pre face-lift DEs on Auto Trader for 10k... 

I'm in no rush having already bought the zed's replacement, so happy to wait for the right buyer to come along. 

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SOLD, went to its new home earlier today, was a mix of emotions watching it drive off.

I thoroughly enjoyed owning a zed and it'll definitely be missed, asolutely cracking car that never let me down once in 6 years. 


Got a few bits and pieces left that I'll post up for sale soon, after that I'll probably still lurk around the forum every now and again! 


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