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Rolling Road Day @ MSL Performance - Sat 20th Nov

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Great news - I've booked the club into MSL Performance for the day. MSL use a 2/4 wheel drive Dynojet rolling road system. Thought this would be a nice bit of fun for us all and something different to enjoy, plus weather won't be an issue for a change.


3 power runs, with printout and PFD emailed to you. 







MSL Performance 

Old BSA building

Armoury Rd


B11 2PP



Saturday 20th November 



8am - 3pm


Cost is £70inc vat per car. I require a £10 deposit per vehicle, leaving £60 to pay on the day. I have only 10 slots available. Please put Dyno and your reg on the reference.


Please send PayPal deposit to:



David Daffin


1) davey_83 - PAID 

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21 minutes ago, Shunter8 said:

Would be interesting to see what the Stagea is pumping out after all these years but sadly I work Saturdays 😔


Have fun guys


I'll take it for you 🙂

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39 minutes ago, davey_83 said:


Still be fab to see how different engines and mods compare on the same day, same dyno 🤙

Very true! Better save the pennies on the other hand! So I’ll give it a miss this time thanks 🙏  

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1) davey_83 - PAID

2) Andy_Muxlow - PAID


4) Dazza - PAID

5) RichF - PAID

6) Pip SIM - PAID

7) KateW - PAID A

8). AshC - PAID

9) ArmcoA - PAID 

10) Tauvp - PAID

11) Alexe92 - PAID

12) SportznTouring


C'mon sports car owners, lets support a club rolling road day

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Was my first experience of a Dyno day.

Couldn't ask for a better first Dyno day.

Just the right numbers so I got to chat with everyone and the day didn't seem to drag at all.

Would have loved to join everyone for lunch but alas I was summoned by the kids to go shopping for shoes and MORE LEGO!

Just got back.

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