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Tyre / setup advice for newb Nismo owner


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Hi All, New to the forum...

Just bought a '16 Nismo, One owner, under 20K miles, all-in-all pretty nice stock Nismo...

Had a test drive in a total downpour so couldn't really explore handling. Could be bad move #101.

However, before delivery, the dealer thought they should put new tyres on as the ones it came on were 'nearly worn out'.

They put 3 new tyres on...

Old one on OSF is Bridgestone Potenza S001 245/40, which it had all-round (as far as I remember), before :

New on NSF is Firestone Roadhawk 245/40

New both rears Accelera PHI2 285/35

Seems they went for the cheapest they could get their hands on at the time?


(Should say - I come from a history of 3 Elises and always just used the special-build 'LTS' Lotus Yokos)

As far as I can feel, the car is undefined, floaty and wandering at the front and often tramlines in even small furrows quite dramatically and suddenly.

The rear is at best dangerous in the wet (lethal even?) and seems 'spongy' and 'delayed' to settle in the dry, although after this undefined turn-in it does seem to grip ok in the dry.

Not really what I was expecting at all...

OK, I get that after the Elises, the Z was going to be a completely different proposition, but I feel that the tyres are completely messing with its true character.

And I suspect that the alignment is out as well, because the steering wheel is now off-centre in a straight line, but that could be because of the different tyres on the front?


i'm hoping that these symptoms ARE due to the s**t tyres, but I'd welcome advice (other than replace the Acceleras with rubber bands?), but I suspect I should just chuck them all out and start over with a new full set of PS4s? And what 'reasonable' sizes? The Accelera rears almost look too small for the rims, with the sidewalls sloping inwards.





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Jesus Christ, never ever ever mix tyres across an axle! Sounds like you’ve been shafted big time, I would just suck it up and get four PS4S on there ASAP as it will transform the car. And yes, get a proper geo (not just an alignment) done as well. 

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On 19/11/2020 at 12:52, AliBear said:

Thanks for replies. Finally booked in for tyres and geo at Abbey in Oxted tomorrow. Very excited!
Will let you know the outcome...

Are you still about AliBear? Be interested to hear about what Abbey fitted and how the car is now.

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