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Hey all,


Just picked up my first 350z, GT spec I believe. Low mileage at 73k with FSH and only a couple previous owners.


Can't wait to get stuck in making it 100% and getting it looking spot on.


I've owned and modified VW's since I could drive so I thought it was time to switch it up a bit. I've attached my previous motor below.



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Thanks for all the kind welcomes and comments everyone! :thumbs:


4 hours ago, ATTAK Z said:

You've got the fastest colour too ! Welcome to our club

Haha. Haven't checked the car for colour codes yet, but does it look like WV2 Silverstone grey to you?

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7 hours ago, Samoht said:

Looking good.  First registered 14 March 2006 - so you've nicely dodged the £570 road tax rate :-)

25mm spacers all round will bring the Rays out to sit flush, which really helps the stance.

Cheers mate and yeah I thought the same thing before I bought it. Extremely lucky. Spacers may or may not happen as I'm looking to do coilovers and wheels over the next few months, along with other bits! Already have a few pocket money mods ordered.

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