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  1. Also interested in this if anyone has any good links.
  2. Car looks awesome bud, great spec and condition too by the looks of it
  3. Cheers mate and yeah I thought the same thing before I bought it. Extremely lucky. Spacers may or may not happen as I'm looking to do coilovers and wheels over the next few months, along with other bits! Already have a few pocket money mods ordered.
  4. Thanks for all the kind welcomes and comments everyone! Haha. Haven't checked the car for colour codes yet, but does it look like WV2 Silverstone grey to you?
  5. Hey all, Just picked up my first 350z, GT spec I believe. Low mileage at 73k with FSH and only a couple previous owners. Can't wait to get stuck in making it 100% and getting it looking spot on. I've owned and modified VW's since I could drive so I thought it was time to switch it up a bit. I've attached my previous motor below.
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