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RIP Niki Lauda


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Yep, legend. Knew he was suffering from more problems and a lung transplant as he stepped away from actively being at races last year, but his ill-health has finally caught up to him. Amazing - 70 is a good age considering what he fought through. 

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Sad times, but it should be a celebration of an extraordinary life more than anything else. One of the last true racers has left us, and maybe more importantly one of the last few people in the F1 paddock to tell it how it really is and be damned with politics.

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They leave us for a place of eternal rest and peace. They never die. They live on for as long as we remember them. 


While we live, we should create a positive legacy that will continue in some capacity, in someone's heart and mind, when we die.


He did that and more, many times over.


A life well lived. He never just existed, as so many of us do. To merely exist is a true waste of life.


Dylan Thomas' words spring to mind. Old men raging at the night for their tongues forked no lightning. They never left a mark, they lived unheard. As so many of us do.


He left a mark. He was heard.


He won't know the feeling of being a no one, to everyone. 


Rest in peace, Niki. Thanks for being with us.

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