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  1. Chrissaxon

    New to Z ownership - Herts

    Nice one buddy..theres nothing like a zed . I've had 2.. make me smile every time I turn the key lol
  2. Chrissaxon

    Old lady spotted

    Your never 2 old . We can still show you a few things or two. Lol. I'm 56 still going strong ha ha
  3. Hi and welcome to the ZED scene. More on the road the better.
  4. Chrissaxon

    P2101 code and no start

    No there are 2 crank sensors on each bank. One has a black connector. The other one has a green connector. You should get a p1004 code it's the one on the right hand side past the throttle body. At the bottom . You can get then for about £20.00 on ebay. All you need is a 10mm spanner
  5. Chrissaxon

    Hi, new Zed owner from beds

    Hello nice to see your new ride..
  6. Chrissaxon

    P2101 code and no start

    It sounds like a faulty crank sensor . There are four . 2 on each side . Bank 1 and Bank 2. They can break down . Easy to replace .
  7. Simple take the alternator belt off then run the car..see if it goes away..sound like a bearing or tensioner.
  8. Chrissaxon

    Car shaking when moving off

    It can't be the coil pack.if it was it would show up . It only leaves the clutch plate and pressure plate. I guess it has a slight warp in it. Or it has not been a lined up correctly. Check all couplings first .
  9. Chrissaxon

    Future 350 Owner

    The sooner you get rid of that mini the better. You won't go back once you go jab you never go back. This is my second ZED. Hope you get one soon mate
  10. Chrissaxon


    Hi and nice to know 2 more ZEDS are out and about. .they are a really great car to drive and loads of mods out there.
  11. Chrissaxon

    New to the forum.

    I have the up rev version. It's my second Zed I've had .had it just over a year now. Slowly improving it to the way I want it to be. Never let me down. Use daily to travel to work. Having new front and rear pads week end. Up graded the head light bulbs and fitted LEDs all round. Still a few things I need to do lol. Keep the good work up.
  12. Chrissaxon

    Tyre fitter recommendations - West Midlands

    Have been a few times. Always great service and would use again no problem
  13. Chrissaxon

    Tyre fitter recommendations - West Midlands

    Hi mate. I would go to Addison Tyres in princess end Tipton. Great service they now what there doing. Tok my Zed there to get the tracking done and fit new tires. Definitely the to go
  14. Chrissaxon

    HR clutch

    Hi I don't think it would be your clutch burning ..if it was it would be doing the same going forward. Sounds like your hand brake shoes could be binding . Easy way to check is jack rear up and rotate rear wheels by hand. See if they are sticking. ?
  15. Chrissaxon

    New to the forum.

    Hi mark..Nice to here your that your lookingvafter your Zed. I'm slowly up grading mine too. It will be worth the it in the end.