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  1. Each one to there own. It's a car I wouldn't even have for free. Never liked them parts are far to dear .and when they break down which they do a lot. In the end it a a BMW say no more lol
  2. Hi there. Welcome to the zed. I'm in darlaston west midlands not far from you. I've had my a few years now..it's my second one lol. Mine is uprev version 2006 in blue..have done a few things to mine. If you need any advice feel free to get in touch. We can meet up if you like have a beer and chat
  3. Hi welcome to ZED . You won't need anything else..Nice colourl like the wheels too. Just been doing some jobs on my 350z uprev. I can't seen to put up any picks ?
  4. He will be sadly missed. A real driver not like the ones to day. RIP.
  5. Hi nice car. Best colour to have..
  6. Hi nice looking car. More ZEDS on the road the better.
  7. Hi I've had 2 nissan 350z eds. One was the GT version 187 bhp. In azure blue. Had that for over 4 years with no issues. The one Ive got now is the uprev version.GT with 300bhp. . The only difference is that you pay more road tax for the higher bhp version. Then there is the HR version with 325 bhp. It all down to what you want and need . I use nine daily to work and week ends .just changed the brake pads . And it gets serviced every 3.000 miles . But that's just me lol. Have done some work on it as normal but nothing major.
  8. Was the fault there before you changed the spark plugs? It could be coil pack breaking down . You will find out when you take out the spark plugs. If it's faulty .
  9. Hi and welcome to the zed experience. Car looks great. Must be the HR version..going to change my gear box and diff oil this week. Over all they are a great car to drive. Have fun
  10. Simple answer to this. Take it to some one who knows what they are doing.. it wasn't fitted right or the wrong part.
  11. Hi . Have you thought about it could be a faulty clutch slave cylinder. Need to check it out before you spends lots of money on a new clutch..I've done over 140.000 miles on my mine with no problems.
  12. Hi .welcome to the ZED .nice to see one more on the road. Have fun .you won't stop smiling lol
  13. I've had mine on now for years now. .well worth the money. Don't buy cheap ones. Get the proper one for the job.. they come in loads of colours. Easy to fit.. saves you a lot of money in the end.
  14. Hi nice ..I've got one in the same colour. You won't stop smiling
  15. The simple answer is. She is an threat to my country. There is no way she should be allowed back in the uk. We don't need anymore of these low life's



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