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The build begins..


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So from total stock, ive had the car for a month or so now, getting used to little bits, and getting back into the Nissan way of life...


The plan is to not go too OTT (many of us say this, but i guess it never goes to plan), but generally it'll be low and loud with plenty of presence..




Started life as a pretty clean high miled DE (if/when it goes bang, it just means ill be putting something better in, or a low miledage replacement), but generally, its solid (suspension is a bit knocky, but BC Extreme Low's are on order and due in the next few days)


To start with, its mainly been getting it running nicely, replaced the front discs/pads and changed the caliper pins, have a small exhaust blow, so thats getting looked at shortly (refusing to pay the Nissan prices for gaskets however), and a lot of cleaning to get the paint back up to how it should be (Im massively OCD when it comes to polishing/waxing, especially with a black car) but the swirls are slowly dissapearing.




Went for some Satin Z badges over the Gloss option because of future plans with wheels and styling, then did the same with the door handles.. Which for me makes a huge difference, and adds a little bit of contrast over just having everything blend in to eachother.




Then cleaned up the front getting rid of the plate, and chancing my luck at how long it takes to be pulled over (thankfully, it doesn't seem to be too bad down here for negative police attention with cars that are driving at a half normal speed)




I think i talk for the entire world when we say how much it enhances the front end look.. Its just a shame theres no way of running black plates, im looking into motor's that fold the plate into the bumper recess though,  so thats a potential future mod.


I did order a stubby aerial, but on discovery of unscrewing my current aerial, it seems i ordered the wrong style (even though it stated it was for 350z).


Soon on the horizon?
BC Extreme Low Coilovers on order..

Have a spare set of headlights i'm planning to play about with that i picked up for pennies, to see how just @*!# they are at night if i paint the inners (i rarely drive in the dark, because i work nights)

Toe/Camber arms

Meister/SSR's in Satin Black (awaiting to sell the old SLK to fund them, so fingers crossed, in a month or so we'll see a bit of progress, fitment, and not much arch gap!


I'd like to think this will become a bit more exciting with future posts!

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I picked up a window rear louvre, which im in the process of strengthening up because of drooping (of the non sexual varient), have been taking headlights apart to paint inners, coilovers should be here in less than a week, then its just waiting on wheel funds from selling the old car so i can start putting bits on, which is when the real 'transformation' takes place.

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Last week or so have been pretty much waiting for the BC Extreme Low's (spring rate 14/12kg) to arrive (went and collected them yesterday infact) and are currently piled up with a rear window louvre that literally has turned into a bag of @*!#..


When i got it, id heard all the horror stories of them splitting, dropping, and generally being a bag of @*!# in terms of fitment, but the style ill eventually wanna go for, it works for the styling..


This was after id strengthened the top two, and 4th down with some metal bars and fibreglassed them down to atleast try and get a bit of rigidity... First time playing with fibreglass, and cant say ill be rushing to do it again soon..



Got bored and wanted to see how the general fitment was after removing the rear wiper (proper bung should be going in today). If im honest, im not sure i like how it sits, so the temptation to bin it off and not bother wasting any more time strengthening, filling and arsing about with it is pretty high right now (id rather just get the zakustec metal ones and put up with the shipping cost, because the way this sits right now its right up against the window, so even if i had it looking perfect off the car, i think on the car it'll push the rear of the louvres up in the middle and pretty much remove any vision (this are from knightracer originally i believe).





As you can see in the photo above, the lower louvres are pushed out of line because of the rear window, and i think its just from it being a terrible fit, because they all line up fine off the car.


So currently, im slowly stockpiling parts, i just need to get some bucket removal toe arms and ill get the coilovers on to remove a box from my bedroom floor..




Anyone got recommendations on the best toe arms that remove the bucket?
There seems to be a lot of confusion between toe and traction arms with different sites stating different things.

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  • 1 month later...

Guess it’s time for some proper updates...


19x11 ET0 Rear, 18x10 ET0 Front.. they’re off to paint and should hopefully be on in the next week or so.


im planning a day of coilover fitting tomorrow hopefully then the toe/traction/camber arms so I can get it setup perfectly. 


Its been a bit of a wait for the wheels to turn up but now it’s kicked me up the ass a bit to start clearing out the pile of parts that I’ve been collecting over the last few months 


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Pretty glad i went for the gold bolts to give them some contrast, coilovers go on tomorrow, then test fitting to see what kinda stretch i need, then there may be some worthwhile updates!

Tbh, im over the moon with the contrast between the satin and the gloss, should add a real aggressive stance when they're on



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We have progress! A big step forward..


Coilovers are on, wheels test fitted, need another inch on the back and 2 on the front to get it sitting where i want but that will come when the arches are rolled and ive got the tyres on and ready to go.... Butt, some teaser pics..


Not sure i could have picked the offset any better, may need a 2mm spacer front as its a bit close to the caliper for my liking, but the look the wheels give the car couldn't be closer to what id imagined if i tried...










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1 minute ago, davey_83 said:

10j et0, aggressive fitment no doubt for the front axle. Coming together nicely pal!! 

The front isn't as aggressive as id imagined tbh, wont need much to get it tucking at all, and the rear is pretty much perfect as it sits.


Just need to get the tyres on, fit the adjustable arms and play about till its perfect 

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  • 2 weeks later...


Small update, but probably one of my favourites so far.... No more need to have ugly numberplates stuck on the front when parked up.


Tyres turned up today, so wheels go on tomorrow!


edit: No idea why the video came out so large and like it was taken by a potato... Maybe im getting old and technology isnt my strong point anymore 

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1 hour ago, andybp said:

Thought they were illegal ?

illegal to lift and lower it on the road to avoid police/camera's? Naturally.. But then, if its constantly up, i can't see where the problem arises, its just a right angle bracket...


I mean, fitting decat is an MOT fail, so technically thats not road legal, right? And what about the other hundreds of mods we do that is technically illegal? 

I think the main thing comes down to how its used, if i took the p*ss and was running around with it down, police pull me over and i put it up as they're following me? yeah, id imagine they'll have something to say about it, but ill be running with plates up at all times, then if i'm at a meet/show, ill put them down, can't see any real problem.


Theres no way to even tell its on a retractable bracket with it sat in the upright position... 

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5 hours ago, Mark350Z said:

Plate holder looks smart, where did you source it from? 

Cheers, if you check out boltsbolts.co.uk they sell them there :)


Plate has been in the upright position at all times, have spoken to several police officers, showed them it operating, they said aslong as its always in the upright on the public road they see no problem with it whatsoever.

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3 hours ago, Andy_Muxlow said:

This is coming along nicely buddy. Keep up the food work.

Cheers! Im seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel.. 


5 hours ago, Keyser said:

Some nice mods - like those wheels B)


Keep up the good work :thumbs:


Cheers. Wheels we're a tough choice whether i went black lips or not, but im pretty chuffed with the outcome with the gold hardware.



edit: On the note of the wheels... When the tyres went on, one of the valves snapped, so typically, noone stocked 6mm valves, so i had to order some off ebay, so it put it back another 4 days or so getting them fitted... But, fingers crossed, there shouldnt be any more problems with getting the wheels on!

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