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Supercharged 350z gtr on gumtree


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It must have been hit, Why else would you remove a Nismo V2 front and OEM lights to fit one of the fugliest bumpers and woeful looking headlights? Also, offside rear arch liner is missing, coupled with the wonky intercooler suggests damage too.

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Guys this is my old car and I sold it to its current owner.


Just thought i would give you all a heads up and a word of warning. Having had 4 zeds in total I kept it in immaculate condition and really looked after it.


However like some of you have guessed the car was involved in a smash with its current owner. I know this as he had added me on Facebook.


I'm hoping not to come across as a character who is sticking people in but after he had bought the car I had seen people commenting on his Facebook saying how quickly they had seen him driving around and apparently doing donuts in Tescos carpark. 


Shortly after this he had messaged me complaining saying that the supercharger belt had stripped it's teeth and he wasn't happy with me... 


Anyway I think from memory it will now have 10 plus owners and next to no service history. Again I feel a bit bad sticking him in but I would hate for someone to be fooled into buying it. Also don't like the dishonesty in his message above about why he changed the nismo v2 bumper.


Attached is the photo he uploaded to facebook. A little more than a front end smash I think.


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Yes, poor genuine 19" LMGT4's...


It looks like it definitely was a right off. However I remember him saying his brother has a body shop.  Fixed on the cheap perhaps.


I have a feeling he did not go through insurance as he had not declared all of the modifications.


Yeh, cheers Kieran. Definitely the right thing to do. 

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