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Welcome To CAT Driver Training

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A warm welcome to CAT Driver Training, joining us a Trader on the forum.


CAT Driver Training is run by Colin and Jo Hoad. Colin used to work for a leading motor manufacturer in the UK as a Vehicle Evaluator and Driver Trainer and has gained extensive experience and qualifications in the driver instruction and. In addition Colin did development work getting the 350z ready for Europe. CAT have much experience of vehicles on both road and track brings a different approach to driver enjoyment.


More detail and information on CAT can be found at http://catdrivertraining.co.uk


I'm sure you'll be warm in welcoming the team at CAT to 350z-uk.com

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Welcome to the forum.

I look forward to the reports from members who attend your days. I'll eventually get there myself once work/family/car allow!

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A very warm welcome from me and and hugely valued the one-to-one day with Colin in March 2012 - great advice both out on the road and at Millbrook to test the car and my limits.


With Colin's 350/370 knowledge and love of the cars I would not hesitate to recommend anyone wanting to find out how to fully enjoy their ZEDs - it is one of the best driving experiences you could do. :thumbs:

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What Ebized said ^ some of the best money I spent on the Zed was for the day I spent with Colin, he was involved in the development of the Zed with Nissan for it;s launch in the UK. What he doesn't know about the way they handle isn't really worth knowing. Nice bloke too. You will come away with a far better understanding of the what the Zed can do together with enhanced theory that can be applied to any car.

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Thanks Stu and everyone for your warm welcome. Any information or questions you have please just ask. I'll post up new threads shortly for the group club days that Stu has organised. We also have blogs that are posted on our website regularly plus we're on Twitter and Facebook. I'll put some links up to some of the blogs I think might be of interest.


Ebized ... is it 5 years since you were with us??? My, where's that time gone.


Jo :wave:

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