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Mixing clay bar types and clay lubers

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How often are people claying?


I did the Zed once in four years.


Every 4 months.


Wow, that's frequent. Just as a matter of routine, or is there some local contaminant that you're battling against?

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I just bought one of these:




will let you know how good it was. Saw a review on another forum, and i know G3 is what most bodyshops use. Its probably a bit more expensive than others, but worth the investment.

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match the clay bar to the detailer? When we all went to the meguiars cleaning day thing, the guy who worked there told us all clay bars are made in the same factory with just different labels lol


A lot are. But then the same applies to a lot of detailing products. There's very few genuine manufacturers out there, even less selling directly to end users.

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Okay so my cloth arrived and i used it today. It's absolutely useless. :angry:


I've not clayed the car since i've owned it so it needed some TLC. I had high hopes for the cloth but having used it today it seemed to do hardly anything. :shrug:


I had to resort to a traditional clay bar which was fantastic as always and did the job perfectly, but took forever (Range Rover's are frickin huge when washing them :lol: )


So do i need to buy another brand to before i rule them out for sure? This is what i bought... http://www.ebay.co.u...=STRK:MEBIDX:IT and i'd give it a 1/10 it was that bad. Could it be a fake?

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I'd say it's just a particularly crap one :lol: My AS one is superb, but it wasn't cheap.


Well it could just be a microfibre thats been painted on one side for all i know. The 'clay' side doesnt feel like clay. Its more like dry paint, but without a frame of reference I dont know if this is how its supposed to be or not?

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The clay should be a little bit sticky, rubbery type of texture. It should stick to itself after a few minuted if you leave it folded over without any pressure.


To be honest, that looks like it's falling apart in their ow advertising photos (6) anyway so I wouldn't expect that one to be any good.


Get yourself one from Polished Bliss, it's reasonably priced and you know it will definitely work.

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