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DB Nissan 350z GT 05'

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Went out first thing this morning around town, to make use of the extra hour. Forgot how good cars looks on cobblestone streets.            

Cleaned the engine bay the other day and the blower was handy for drying out the little hard to reach places     Fitted my polished plenum that I've had for almost a year, thought if it's ev

Out for a spin the other Sunday for breakfast with a couple pals, nice to sit back and follow for a change. On the way home stopped for a refill of Supreme+ 99.       She

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Forecast hinted towards a dry and part sunny Sunday, so day before charged the battery ready for a run. On the return leg came across another 350z, that happen to be @Dani350z rolled together for a bit which was lovely. 


Any other sports or modified car I saw out, felt like a community of the 'essential' drivers club 













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Another recent addition was a Mishimoto silicone intake hose, this coupled with an MY06 airbox and Pipercross panel filter. Doesn't look or sound anywhere near as good as my other WAI hard pipe set up, however in theory should perform consistently better due to less heat soak. The only time I ever put my foot down, is once the engine is near enough up to temperature and by this point the intake is warm to the touch. 


For not much money this should be the best DE intake, this side of a massively expensive GruppeM carbon jobbie.










A pair of carbon battery and brake master cylinder covers helped curb the addition.






Encouragement from Mark's thread the other day showing a replacement washer pump, led to another lunchtime repair taking place today. The rear washer much like the Bose subwoofer hadn't worked in years I'm ashamed to say. Not an MOT concern, so pushed right to the back of the queue and forgotten about.


Out with the old......




Rear washer pump on the left 

Front washer pump on the right 

They have different connectors 




CarChem screen wash, because detailing is life and it was a free gift from Glen @ WaxandShine 




Amazon ordered with next day delivery £23. Connected to test the new pump and wiring, prior to re filling the washer bottle.




Tad damn, I hope the concentrat is wax safe. This pump will probably seize up due to a lack of use :lol:



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Few more lockdown jobs tackled recently on the Z. Rear ARB SuperPro poly bushes, Ultra Racing W brace and Tarmac Sportz rear camber arms. With a bits and pieces removed it made sense to also sort out a few rust issues, mainly kidneys mounts, sills and rear box sections around the rear silencer - all prone to rust sadly.


In all honesty my OE W brace wasn't in a bad state at all, as from the get go I rust treated and painted to prolong its life.






Being lowered -30mm, rear camber arms were of course on the to do list.




Even by eye you can tell the standard rubber bush opening is slightly larger than the new poly bush, meaning it's worn which is to be expected for 15yrs and 88k of service.




Thankfully every nut and bolt came off without a flight, even the rear camber bolts and rear w brace boots which are known for snapping. 




Threads in the new adjustable camber arms greased prior to fitting.




So I can pretend to be doing a decent job. 






Anti roll bar brackets, cleaned, treated and protected.






W brace hardware cleaned, greased and ready to go.




Kidney mount covers cleaned and dressed.




Rust wire brushed, carb cleaned left to dry then treated.






The 350z doesn't come with factory underseal, so this is either dealer or aftermarket but I can say it's very good. You can see it's integrity compared to the part covered by the factory w brace.










Left for 24hrs to do its thing and the next day began to underseal. No fun doing this on axle stands but such is the way.








All back together and looking loads better. I've eye balled a few turn of adjustment on the arms to reduce negative camber.














Parts aluminium weren't touched as not a concern in terms of corrosion.




Now this is where the fun began!! Went to go for a drive as you do and the car felt awful!! To the point of thinking something is desperately wrong. Jacked her up, checked lug nuts and every other nut and bolt that I had touched - all tight. Checking all around the ARB and differential for anything that appeared out of place and came across a thin washer for one of the ear mounts for the diff out of place. Thought that's strange and managed to wiggle this piece out. The other side has this same washer type piece but when in the right place the bolt would go through the hole so should never come out of place. This must have worked it was loose from the car being repeatedly jacked up from the diff. So now because this plate was removed *by hand, the bolt was now loose compared to the other side. Remembered reading on here that Whiteline had revised their instructions to show the thicker bush needs to go at the top. Ok, another job to do. Consulted with a couple local Z heroes Martin and Nick on the best way to do this. 








Left it for a while as the weather turned pants and feeling disheartened after all my earlier efforts.




Straight forward to swap the bushes out on the drive and better the issue occuring now rather than miles from home, on a b road in North Wales with no phone signal.








So differential bushed sorted and now mounted tight, how does it drive? Better but still really off!! Ok, before going any further, let's get the wheel alignment sorted.




:scare: that'll teach me






Without adjustable toe arms, it became a juggling act aiming for correct rear toe without excessive camber. Less camber resulted in greater toe in. 




Fronts needed minimal adjusting but now she drives great again, phew.

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Cheers lads. 


I know minimal surface rust underneath thankfully and now all treated and protected. Even the w brace front bolts still had their factory zinc coating. 


Someone went to town on the underseal soon after purchase, R&R of the centre brace shows a pneumatic finish right up inside the transmission tunnel.



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On 19/02/2021 at 11:09, davey_83 said:


Without adjustable toe arms, it became a juggling act aiming for correct rear toe without excessive camber. Less camber resulted in greater toe in. 


I'm so glad I went with adjustable toe arms as well as camber and got rid of the spring buckets.


Looking good.


I'd have recommended repainting a few more coats on the Ultra Racing brace - mine is surface rusting all over after 18 months.


Other thing is - I never even knew there should be kidney brace/chassis stay covers! Mine must have lost them years ago! :lol: I replaced the kidney braces with new OEM in late 2018 - took weeks for delivery from Japan as per usual!

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Cheers pal


I've seen a fair few who fit the UR W brace and leave the kidney covers off, I thought no way :ohmy:


I've given the w brace a go over in ACF50, so we'll see how well that holds up.



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Had Dent Devils out to work a bit of magic on the Z. Wasn't a bad one, but once you see it, you can't unsee it. Don't know how I got a dent, she doesn't go anywhere :blink:



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3 hours ago, davey_83 said:

Had Dent Devils out to work a bit of magic on the Z. Wasn't a bad one, but once you see it, you can't unsee it. Don't know how I got a dent, she doesn't go anywhere :blink:



A wheelie bin maybe 

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11 minutes ago, MONKEYSOCKS said:

Looking good mate, do they charge per dent? 

Tar fella, they charge per panel 

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Posted (edited)

P3 service due less spark plugs and air filter. Looking to complete over the weekend, time permitting. Came across a seller of these larger oil filters, so will be sticking with this one - more filter area, more filtration. 


Miller's Trident 5w30

Nissan oil filter

Titan Race Gear

Titan Race Synchro

Autochem coolant

Molyslip gearbox


Mileage: 88356


Got to keep the ol' girl running sweet 👌










Bye bye America, hello Japan 







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Posted (edited)

Can't remember the last time I took the Z out at night, makes for a moody picture.





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Posted (edited)

Out for a spin yesterday through the Cotswolds with the usual suspects, a Zed convoy in the sun = bliss


























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