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  1. I'll look out for you - if you've got the roof down guess you will be looking like this-
  2. Hi and welcome - I'm just over the Downs from you in Epsom with a '56 black ZED - what colour car do you have that I can look out for? As they are a bit rare in this neck of the woods hopefully I should spot you unless with this weather you have taken to a
  3. It would be really good if someone can come up with a re-wire for the mirrors on UK cars to open/close either by the ignition or by the remote.
  4. Middlehurst quoted me £22 (P & P & VAT included) for such a cap back in April so the £10 they want now seems a bargain
  5. Oh come on Mike, let the continue - it has really given me laugh as these two slug it out - all in the best possible taste of course Whether they will in the end is possibly doubtful but they both know where to draw the line, as we have seen before.
  6. I know just how you feel Nixy and s|114 - I live in an unadopted cul-de-sac of 10 houses where over half are now being let and I regret that the short term tenants with undiscplined kids simply do not have the same values. The situation has got so bad that we are now moving and where the potential for car damage can be minimized. I have recently found scratches on the bonnet of the ZED - whether that's from where the kids delight in sliding down the bonnets or from the local feline population I do not know - but I now need a good car detailer. (when I have moved!) ps: Nixy: 10 blokes in one house breaches planning rules - if you want more on that PM me.
  7. Ebized

    Zed Plates

    Digsy said it "Tickles me that the 51 plate is the dearest!" Is that because DVLA sized up the potential? and yes, I splashed out on a ZED plate last year - with the imports seeming to outnumber new cars sold here I thought 'UK' seemed the ticket rather than opting for the 'MY' prefix On reflection I'm not sure if that was the best choice and the dealer did warn me that I would not get my money back but that it might help a sale when the time comes .
  8. Ebized


    Count me for one please (not at JAE so P + P to pay) lomoto black large M350ZB black med jonathan73 black large rickya black med Chris`I black med stuey black med Zzzz... large white + large black beavis black large N1SM0350z black med MarkW black med Zedrush small dunker small & large mickj extra large monkeybizz small Pingu2 large EBIZED black/large
  9. That's why we like to a car that goes round corners without falling over
  10. Quote: "I think you've made your point EBIZED. A bit too keen......." OK Digsy but another 350 owner nearby is a rare event down south - you are tripping over one another up north, hence my enthusiasm! (excuses for my browser)
  11. welcome and I'm just down the road in Epsom
  12. welcome and I'm just down the road in Epsom
  13. Ah, I've been hearing it wrong - its not beamers but bummers!
  14. lomoto said "can be 2005 with 54 plate" and that's what I said - as the car Charlie was looking at was a 2005 on an 05 plate - which does make a difference to the price, especially for a relatively young car. But I agree with the consensus that the dealer's price is high - 'im down on that if the car really appeals to you Charlie.
  15. Do you really need an auto?? Otherwise One of the best things with Z ownership is its 6-speed gearbox that really makes the car such a joy to drive.
  16. charlie_W Lomoto says: "heres an 05 Chili GT with half the mileage cheaper" might be a 2005 car but looks like a 54 plate to me but notice the dealer has not picked up on the Rays, which were still optional in early 2005?
  17. Pics reveal it is clearly not a 296bhp and as its not a GT4 the price is ambitious.
  18. In June, I can make the 23/24 or 30/1 July weekends or Sat 16th the other sats/suns are pre booked by my social sec !
  19. I wanted a phone+sat nav together - opted for an Xda O2 orbit with co-pilot mounted in a Brodit holder. Didn't fancy a screen mounting (attracts the light-fingered brigade) or using the cubby hole with lid propped open and changing to a retracting lid was bound to affect UK warranty hence my choice. Co-pilot includes speed cameras, but I prefer to use a Snooper S4 with its other warnings. http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t114 ... bitinZ.jpg The dual package works fine in the car including the boothtooth connection. On the basis that most journeys are known and the sat nav is not turned on, the compromise of a smaller screen is compensated by reasonbly clear voice instructions and text displays. It got me round the recent NW run when my other navigator was leading me a merry ! (Only cos she tends to close her eyes over 4000rpm !) The choice of phone+sat nav is to help me find addresses when on foot in London & suburbs, much easier than using an A to Z.
  20. Great idea, and as I'm in Epsom and on your doorstep in the Kingston area, that suits me just fine.
  21. I was blazed (when I had a 2004 blade ZED) - now I've got one in Ebisu - not such a good combination but the best I could come with up
  22. MK13KYF's suggestion of the Peak District sounds good to me - and I would happily join in with Billy7766 as a group traveling up from the London area. Can we keep the emphasis on a driving day, as bluelady mentions, as I am sure that will encourage more from further afield? Colin
  23. Bring it on! Anywhere, anyplace, anytime - (that means if I can make it I will be there!) The idea of groups of (say) ten coverging on a central meet point and then one convoy where no one can get lost sounds a great idea .
  24. - hope this link opens? http://s158.photobucket.com/albums/t114/ebized/
  25. NW run photos (I hope ) http://s158.photobucket.com/albums/t114/ebized Beavis: So you reckon you make more noise - all those stories I heard are true then ?





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