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  1. So what your saying is, that people who have perfectly good drop links should go out and buy something you both sell? ok... If that was the case, everyone should get rid of their tyres and buy a set of AO48's because their better, or a set of Penske/Quantum/Ohlins suspension even when their oem suspension is fine just because their better. No one is questioning the durability of the powergrid, you may have sold loads of sets and thats good! However you have even both admitted to going on track and even having a 600bhp engine which would in my eyes dictate the need for an uprated link. The forces that will be acting on the link will obviously be greater than its design. Adam you finally get my point However at a similar cost to OEM, im not so sure.
  2. Adam - You seem to be bigging up Powergrids product again? I'll repeat what i said before "Im not saying the Powergrid ones are bad, in fact they look very good." I dont disagree with the majority of what you said, most of it your just stating facts. And im not trying to say the Powergrid links are bad as they actually look good and would be an improvement over OEM. (i'll check your link when i get time) i think their a very good alternative choice. With regards to articulation you'll only need more if its being put under a load that the oem droplink wasnt designed for. The oem bar wont be limited by the oem droplinks unless another suspension component has been changed (i.e. roll bar). And therefore my statement in which you disagreed with ""My advice would be not to go changing your drop links unless you've thought about the use it gets and inspected the condition of your current one."" Still stands. Why replace the droplink when for 60k miles its been fine and still is? As regards to the following statement: Im not sure if your agreeing with my point or not However not everyone's like you. You've modified yours quite extensiveley and take it on track, so again this goes back to my point which you disagreed with in that you need to consider the use it gets and inspect the condition of your current one. If your saying that time is valuable which im sure everyones is, why go changing a perfectly good droplink for another perfectly good droplink? Another question is. If my suspension is standard, i have a nice set of lightweight wheels and a popcharger, i use my car on the motorway to work and back with the occasion blast down the country road. What benefit will i have replacing a good healthy droplink for a powergrid one? What benefits will i get that will outweight my valuable time and lighter pocket?
  3. The OEM droplinks should be more than adequate. What other mods were on your car? Where you using Semi slicks? You would only need more articulation/movement in the droplink if your were putting it under extreme load it wasnt designed for. Open Bearing designed ones should also be perfectly fine for what their designed for, however they would require more maintenance to keep them clean and well lubed. Something which i mentioned should only be considered if your tracking your car and if your doing that you would strip your suspension down often anyway. The open bearing ones would be alittle extreme, but if im honest i'd imagine them being better for "racing use" due to the direct nature they will transfer the load. Im not saying the Powergrid ones are bad, in fact they look very good. But the fact is, for majority of people on here that use their cars on the public road they probably havn't had a problem with the OEM droplinks and could if they wanted replace 3-4 of them before the cost of a Powergrid ones (only 2 bolts to replace them too). Now the powergrid droplinks aren't a fit and forget item as just like the OEM droplinks they have a rubber bush which WILL perish over time. Obviously they'll last a while but so should the OEM droplinks. My 350z had done over 60k miles IIRC and i never had one problem with the droplinks. If what you say is true, either the user's are putting them under extreme load, (hitting curbs on track, potholes) etc.. or Nissan have badly designed what is in essence a simple item. Your right in the fact that they do break, in fact my current car is prone for it, but if they break every 2 years im happy paying the £37 or less to have it replaced which does its job perfectly well. If they've broke or the car has high mileage then it may be worth considering swapping to the Powerdgrid/similar ones, but certainly not if the bushes are fine and their in good condtion. Dont fix what isnt broke. All in my humble opinion of course
  4. OEM droplinks will be more than adequate when on oem suspension and also with lowered suspension. Its only when the Anti-Roll Bar is changed do you need to consider different drop links due to the increased torsion/forces through the bar. I would have thought these would have been provided as a "kit" when you purchase the anti roll bar? OEM drop links have rubber bushes on them and over time the rubber will perish as do other bushes on the car. If your still on the standard suspension then replacing the droplinks for new OEM ones is probably worth while as you reach quite high mileage. Only when you've replaced the Anti roll/sway bars would i consider changing from oem drop links to the heavy duty ones due to increased NVH. Whiteline also offer spherical bearing drop links at a similar price to the heavy duty ones which would probably be better for people who track their cars. My advice would be not to go changing your drop links unless you've thought about the use it gets and inspected the condition of your current one.
  5. Have a good one Rich! My hasnt this place changed!
  6. Gung Hei fat choi! Dad made us a slap up chinese meal too.
  7. just for anyone that doesnt know, Tom/TGM are very well respected in the Honda community, particulary the k20 users. Gets a from me.
  8. Happy Birthday Buddy.. dont drink too much fizzy pop!
  9. ahhh the memories. i remember when half the members were just joining. Cars are getting better and better every year
  10. Damn ive been spotted! not posted much on here but pop on now and again. Its in my blood i think. Just been trying to get into my trackdays. M3's lush though, no matter how popular they are, there still a deceptively good car. Good power, good handling, reliable and considering its had everything done recently.. a good buy too!
  11. Theirs tons of videos of the 350z vs the S2k and theirs a different winner in each one. The guy driving the S2k in the first vid is the drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya and trust me, he knows how to drive. He can still kick the arses of the younger GT300/GT500 drivers. Still nice vid showing revisions of both cars.
  12. sinbad


    +1 could be a stone or some such...
  13. Looks like another one im going to miss. For anyone that hasn't been then its one of the BEST drives out going. Have a good one guys/gals .
  14. OMG.....!!! Hope your ok mate. Good luck getting it back mate!!





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