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  1. ahhh the memories. i remember when half the members were just joining. Cars are getting better and better every year
  2. I saw 155 on the clock of my jdm. and it felt it had more
  3. Your getting senile mike!! look again... Your page probably hadn't refreshed. did you just click on fastreply?
  4. haha beat you to it!! Thank me later
  5. Its here though http://www.350z-tech.com/zwiki/Power_En ... harger_Kit
  6. The list above compares both base models. pretty much everything in japan is an option so even the Version S can have Brembo's, Xenons, 18" wheels etc.. Welcome by the wayy...
  7. Previously had AVON ZZ3's and they where o.k. in the dry but abit skittish in the wet. I've had a set of Falken 452's on for a few days now and there soo much grippier. Its given me alot more feedback through the steering wheel and reduced alot of road noise. The handling has changed alittle too with the front end being much sharper, giving a sense of more oversteer. This may change once they've worn in alittle more, but im very please so far, especially at the price. Had them fitted for £450 all in. UPDATED: Ok had them on for a couple of weeks now and all i can say is that the Zed should have come with these standard. The oversteer i was feeling was just the tyres wearing in, its become more neutral now. The grip has improved 10 fold and i feel much more confident driving the zed now. I'd certainly recommend these to anyone buying tyres for there 350. Top Tyre!!



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