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  1. Cake - based in Essex mate Tarmac – thanks bud tbh I had no idea what I was buying, all I wanted was the noise which is what I got!!
  2. If anyone has missed it and wants a pair of filters I am selling mine... http://www.350z-uk.com/topic/74600-fs-370z-injen-cold-air-intakes-as-new/ Chris
  3. Taken a deposit on my 370z so selling my Injen CAI's. In as new condition, only been fitted to the car for 6 weeks. As with any Injen products the quality is amazing, fitment is superb (fits 370s of Infiniti - not sure which models!). Only takes 10 mins per side to fit. End results are AWESOME, the noise they produce is immense. Just fitted the old airboxes and popped out in the car - boring!!! Lol! I have the fitting instructions somewhere but even I didn’t need them! After £250 plus postage for them. I have the instructions but unfortunately the box was too big to flat pack in my suitcase so left it in the states! Few pics: %5B/URL]
  4. Thats it mate hopefully it will be worth it in the end!! Few more days of driving it before its picked up, got to remove the Injens tonight though so no more engine growl!!
  5. Deposit now put down on car , going Friday, gutted!!
  6. Looks a nice built box, imagine a lot of man hrs / flatting back to get the finish. Couple of nice JL subs and you'll be rattling down the road!!
  7. Cheers mate I really do love it! Each to their own though, world would be a boring place if we all liked the same!!!
  8. Thanks mate having been driving her all weekend its horrible knowing it will be going soon! Anyway price dropped for only £17,995 for forum members, shes got to go Chris
  9. Very true, not everyone is fan of them, I think you'd be mad to want to wrap a ferrari! If like me though and changes cars like the weather wrapping it often makes it like a 'new car/new colour'. My last car had 3 colour changes! Some vinyl is @*!# quality as well, hence probably the fuzziness, the dearer vinyl is a lot different and better quality. I've had friends asking me if i'm going to wrap this one at anytime, them not realising it was already wrapped!
  10. Very true, think I might edit that bit out I was in 2 minds
  11. Lambo slower than a 350/370?! Cmon, climb out of the box your hiding in...!!
  12. Each to their own I suppose!! Very generic saying all verts look ugly, those Gallardo spyders are awful aren't they lol!!
  13. Whys that?!! I found the 350's I had a little claustrophic so vert all the way!





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