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  1. That is a stunning looking Z. I see a lot of 350/370s in Aberdeen when I'm there for work but never seen this one.
  2. Yeah a local guy came and took it for a test drive. He loved it so it sold itself. His Cayman S goes on Thursday and all going well he'll be picking it up on Friday. Just be patient when you are able to buy and you'll get a good one too! I'm bracing myself for having no car for a while. I won't be rushing into buying
  3. somebody has put a deposit down. I bought the car with them like that. When somebody messages or calls me about the car I tell them. The bodywork is spotless. And the wheels are very difficult to colour match that's why they've not been done
  4. Saw it today at around 3.30pm near whirlies roundabout. Somebody was test driving my 370Z at the time. I had just told him how rare they were in the area as I never see them. Cheers for that!
  5. I got it done at RM Bodywork in East Kilbride next door to Automek. Fantastic job and colour match for Quartz. It was £180, but they have all the right kit including vacuum booths.
  6. There is somebody coming tomorrow to view it, but you never know it might still be for sale when you do, you never know.
  7. Yeah wheels could be doing with a refurb. I was quoted £160 to get them done but he couldn't gaurantee a colour match so I didn't bother. I've priced the car with that in mind.
  8. Updated pictures. Car now ready to go. Had a lot of interest but mostly from South of England. It's located in Glasgow area however I travelled to London for it because it was the right car.
  9. I am in East Kilbride, just on the outskirts of South side of Glasgow.
  10. Price reduced. I have also just had the front bumper professionally resprayed by a renowned local company to get rid of some stone chips. Looks fantastic.
  11. Yeah they're great cats, no rasping at all with them. They fit the 313bhp 350Z as far as I am aware yes! They're provisionally sold at the moment to CJRamze. Springs also now provisionally sold to lukeaJones.





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