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  1. Traded in my black 07 HR in Dublin last year. It was almost worthless compared to new. New it was about €57k. In 2015 a dealer had it for sale again at I think €11k and trade in was about €7k. I think it had 70k km on it. Clutch and steering were also far better on the HR. BTW I had an 04 Azure before that. Loved that colour. Change to an M6 which I trade in for an tank this year. I was getting about 4mpg in the city where I do 90% of my driving so it had to go.
  2. Give Ewen a call at Clark or PM him here on the forum.
  3. Sure. Don't know what it would cost but it can't be too much. Plenty of bubble wrap and duct tape, it should be fine.
  4. Hi guys, Been away from here for a while now. I see Sarnie's still spamming all. Anywho, the Z is gone a while now and found a few bit's. I've a Competition Clutch Stage 2 - 2 piece. Part number 6073-2100 http://clarkmotorsport.co.uk/parts/Clutch-Kit-Stage-2/2-piece/6073-2100 As my local Nissan dealer said I needed a new flywheel and clutch I purchased it from the excellent Clark Motorsport. Turned out I only needed the flywheel so they left the OEM clutch in it. Due to weight it's probably best if someone in Ireland took it. Yours for £300 or €408 at today's exchange rate. Also have the OEM boot divider or vertical tonneau. I fitted this to my first Z but never got round to fitting to the second. It does have the 4 knobs on the back. £100. Cheers, Guy
  5. Thanks for the quick response guys. Z forum still sets the standard for all forums imo.
  6. Hello all, I know I've been gone for a number of years but life took over and got busy doing other things. Still have my 2007 Z but she's sick in the garage. Nissan kindly called to say clutch and flywheel need replacing. Nissan parts are €700 plus vat for the clutch and €2400 plus vat for the flywheel. They suggest I source elsewhere. Can anyone reccomend an alternative source that I can order today? Alternative manufacturer would also be fine if reccomended. Cheers, Guy
  7. Good isnt it.. perfect for British weather What are you guys on? Only ever seen one Z without it.
  8. Parts arrived today. 30 secs to remove false floor in under glove box and get at wires which are taped back out of the way. 15 secs to plug in controler and secure to base of false floor. 10 secs to plug in cradle and secure into arm rest. So in 55 seconds I managed to do what Nissan would of charged me an hours labour for at approx €70. Plus they wanted €300 + VAT for the parts. Plugged in BT adaptor and :yahoo: "Miss me?" "Pardon" "Bitch" "Pardon" I'm so happy.
  9. Nope, it's not there. I got all the wires, antenna and mic but no cradle or control box. Guy
  10. ok, For anyone that ever ends up in the same boat this is the part that is missing from my car and most likely Pauls Cyprus GT4. A big thanks to Dan at The Glen for putting me in touch with Nick at Fred Coupe in Preston who went above and beyond to locate the part number and a photo of the offending item. And two fingers up at Nissan Ireland and the dealer network for being incapable of using their own computer system.
  11. Well I've finally narrowed it down to a part number. KE283-CDU01 Although I’m in the same boat as Paul, i.e have the wires in place and have the mic and antenna pre installed, it seems I need to get a wiring kit which should contain everything I need including the cradle. Got a price of £150 ex vat. Contacted one of the Nissan dealers I use here in Dublin and got quoted a price of €300 ex vat. They looked up the part number and it came back as car kit z33. To order it they need a deposit and full payment when it arrives. They can’t tell me what’s in the kit so I’ve no way for sure of knowing if it’ll have everything in it. They can tell me, however, that I’ll have to pay for it regardless and fitting will of course be extra. Nice. What’s annoyed me the most is that I’ve been searching for over a month as my dealer couldn’t get a part number. I bet if I’d had 5 mins in front of his computer I could of found it. Guy
  12. I'm in the process of trying to buy one from Nissan but they are having trouble identifying the part number. Muppets.
  13. Ok. Would someone mind lifting the small cover to see if they have one or two cables connected to their cradle? Cheers. I was under the impression that the car was pre-wired for the kit but Nissan held back on the cradle (in Ireland) as a option so they could charge you through the nose for it. This makes me wonder why you have two cables instead of one like I do.
  14. This is the cable I have in the bottom of the arm rest. Is this the same as yours??? Guy
  15. I'll got outside now and have a look under the small hole in the arm rest to see what cables are visible. Guy





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