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  1. welcome back from another Nismo owner.....short tails are a great edition for a bit more of a growl to them....enjoy
  2. Whitevanman

    Next Project

    good luck with the new project mate, it'll be along 8 weeks wait though , but a nice xmas gift for yourself …... glad your sticking around as well.
  3. looks like the weather wasn't to bad for you.... I should of been on a different stand there today but the car went into Nissan 4weeks ago for a whiney gearbox and I have not got it back yet......
  4. you need to listen to them on a cold start really, as thats when they are at their loudest.
  5. nice pics andy, would love to do something like this sometime...….
  6. welcome from an ex 350gt/370gt owner...….
  7. do it mate, its a cracking drive down and the breakfast is pretty good to....
  8. why thankyou kind sir.....
  9. love my short tails, if you are willing to travel abit you could listen to mine, I dont mind meeting you some of the way.....
  10. did anybody sit down and get a meal?
  11. yeah thanks for putting this together davey, enjoyed meeting fellow owners today and had a good drive out.... few pics that I took of the day...



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