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  1. my old 370gt skyline having a run out down the a1 to the gtr forums day at the ace café last year, rained all the way down there...…. and another one from a local meet....
  2. I must admit it annoys me as well, first thing I spotted on mine at the showroom
  3. it was a great show mate, it'll be going on the calendar for next year and it was a decent 45 mins drive out through some cracking countryside as well.....
  4. welcome mate, good choice......
  5. went to this show yesterday , lots of varied cars on display from classic's to modified trucks. great day out with good weather and set in lovely surroundings at grimsthorpe castle. oh and I bumped into andy muxlow……..
  6. im available most Sunday's, so it's up to you guy's...…..
  7. I enjoy trax ,but its the only national show that I go with our local club of mixed cars.....
  8. im only an hour away, weekends good for me......
  9. Whitevanman

    New wheels

    JR21's? had them on my skyline, nice looking wheel.....
  10. i'll have a word with tony and have a look at what he took on the way down mate,
  11. http://www.pistonclick.com some more pics here that tony took of the day....and a little write up of the day as well.
  12. I might be tempted with this, how many do you need for numbers?



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