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  1. i was lucky mine came with a full impul bodykit when i imported it, so a change of wheels and a decent detail and ceramic coat and it was just how i wanted it, oh and a splash of purple to the grill .....if somebody hadn't of smacked it up the rear end i would of still had it......
  2. its a great looking car mate, remember seeing it at caffiene and machine ........ hope it goes to a good home.....
  3. i tried to get some pics outside lincoln cathedral, but it was heaving yesterday with the sun being out.....at least your hedge is nicely trimmed...
  4. couple of pics after a wash today......
  5. jap's the way to do it............
  6. looks better than standard, think you can only go to 20mm spacers all round because of the lip on the arch...... love my short tails
  7. welcome back.... pics when you can
  8. welcome mate, im just down the road in lincoln.......
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