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  1. Red 350GT- a zed in disguise

    yeah I got mine of ebay from the states, like you say shipping is as much as the item but they do look a lot better than the orange lens.... Ive got clear ones on my 370 but may swap them for the smoked later on..
  2. Red 350GT- a zed in disguise

    you can get smoked lenses for g35 from the states.... had them on mine,
  3. Red 350GT- a zed in disguise

    looks better just getting rid of the eyelids, and a black grill will change the look of the front end.
  4. All change ... quick advice needed

    the windows is an easy fix, just send them down and hold the switch down for about 10 seconds ,then send the windows up and hold for another 10 seconds, I had the same problem when I swapped my battery... not sure about the key fob thou, I didn't have that problem...
  5. my 370gt skyline

    next up was to add a bit more colour to the engine bay.......
  6. my 370gt skyline

    took this week off work to do a little work on the car, first up was to fit the stillen gen3 intakes that had been sat in the garage gathering dust....
  7. Factory Fresh Nismo

    very nice... enjoy it
  8. 2004 Azure Blue build

    i think the local club will be doing modified live again at cadwell this year, so maybe get a chance then...
  9. 2004 Azure Blue build

    yeah its with LD, did a couple of local shows with them last year as well, all types of cars not just jap. Ive not been to any of the evening meets just the weekend ones. but I will try to get to the evening ones this summer if I can.....
  10. 2004 Azure Blue build

    i'll let you know mate as i find out about them, theres normally a meet at Waddington on the 2nd sunday of the month on the a15 opposite the Vulcan, 10am till 12ish café on site so you can get a bit of breakfast......
  11. The worst day

    yeah just a typical Lincolnshire B road really, and not really a busy one at that. i think most people would just use it as a back way into Hykeham and the south of Lincoln ,
  12. 2004 Azure Blue build

    welcome from another lincs member, plenty of local meets in and around Lincoln when the weather picks up abit if you guys are up for it?
  13. The worst day

    just read through this thread, ive driven down that road a hundred times or more , it was on the local news last week sorry for your loss........
  14. Where is The North?

    Sheffield is over an hours drive from Lincoln travelling north west, Yorkshire is the true start to the north granted and parts of north Lincolnshire would be classed as the north but Lincoln itself is not in the north.
  15. Where is The North?

    Lincoln is on the east midlands border and shares a lot of other towns post codes as well like ng(notts) pe(peterboro) dn(Doncaster). as well as the ln(Lincoln) postcode. so Lincoln isn't north or south we are definitely in the east, so either east midlands or east coast.... that's how I see it anyway....