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  1. i'll see if any of the locals fancy it...…..
  2. welcome from another black Nismo owner...
  3. the deluxe model looks bloody awfull, will the 400r be a limited addition as it was in the r33? and will it come in a 2door?
  4. always upsetting to see your pride and joy like this, but cars can be replaced. glad your okay ……...
  5. hope it goes to a good home mate, good luck with the sale....
  6. welcome back from another Nismo owner.....short tails are a great edition for a bit more of a growl to them....enjoy
  7. Whitevanman

    Next Project

    good luck with the new project mate, it'll be along 8 weeks wait though , but a nice xmas gift for yourself …... glad your sticking around as well.
  8. looks like the weather wasn't to bad for you.... I should of been on a different stand there today but the car went into Nissan 4weeks ago for a whiney gearbox and I have not got it back yet......
  9. you need to listen to them on a cold start really, as thats when they are at their loudest.





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