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  1. managed to remove mine...pretty straight forward..thanks for the tips guys
  2. sorry bro lost track of days up here....you know at this time of year up ta north we don t see the sun plus i needed to be the first to wish you a happy birthday
  3. happy birthday to my mate and best friend Keyser,see you soon bro.Have a great day
  4. looks awesome m8....can t wait to see the finished job.
  5. No worries I ll sort it tomorrow evening
  6. I ve one somewhere I get a pic for you
  7. he must of mark it in his garage....last time i saw them they were spotless.
  8. buster

    new exhaust needed

    I ll speak to you tomorrow mate...
  9. buster

    new exhaust needed

    01335 216808 9:00am to 17:00pm Mon-Fri
  10. buster

    new exhaust needed

    drop us a call at tarmacsportz
  11. i can suppy you with the window switch and mirror control switch m8....drop me a pm
  12. buster

    Nismo exhaust

    drop us a call mate...dont forget we re doing free fitting on these at present to...
  13. buster

    370z exhaust

    Pm sent to you Ben
  14. buster

    Side Skirts

    few more of the Tarmac sportz item...
  15. like wise mate,look forward to hearing from you
  16. sorry guys that i had to leave during the drive out...catch up soon guys.



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