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  2. Cornish long weekend 2018

    Count me and Kat in for this again.

    Put me down on the reserve list. Andy James might struggle without another South Zedder
  4. Cornish long weekend 2018

    This was epic last year and the better half and I stayed for a week a drive to every part of Cornwall. Will have a chat to see how long we will plan to go down for this time.
  5. Japfest 2018 Silverstone Sunday 6th May

    James get your name down and make sure you turn up! Been way to long
  6. My Overly Ambitious Idea - Pic Heavy

    It's a damn shame I wanted to see this it was going to look really cool' so over to plan B I expect to see a proposal on my desk by monday.
  7. If there is, I'm not on it. I don't do.... Facebook MySpace Twitter Snapchat Vlogs Voice calls I wish I could go back to 1995 and start being super anal about my web footprint.
  8. Bumper air duct

    Hi I’m looking for a bumper air duct, hope someone can help thanks Paul
  9. 350z DE Radiator

    After an OEM 350z DE Radiator, not aftermarket in the best condition possible (minimum damage to fins, fully working order with no leaks). Willing to pay extra for postage and packaging to ensure it arrives undamaged and intact. Pictures would be great. Cheers
  10. I’m up for that, that would be brilliant :-) put it this way I park underground, and my record is 3 car alarms set off in one go :-)))
  11. Need Help and Advice on Buying a 350z

    A remap with all the Bolt on mods, exhaust, intake, decats will only bring a 25 to 30 bhp power increase at most so not much really, but a remap does take off a slight power restriction in 1st 2nd and 3rd, so apparently makes the car feel alot better to drive. I went for DE myself for the reasons it was cheaper to buy so more money to mod, there's not as many expensive common faults, and the speed/power difference between the DE and rev up/HR version will only really be noticeable in a drag race and the difference would be minimal, maybe a car length or 2 by the time your both at 100mph. If you wanted the better lights and interior from thenfacelift in your DE they could always be bought and swapped over really easily and alotnof people do swap out the headlights and taillights
  12. My Overly Ambitious Idea - Pic Heavy

    Been a bit, but finally got a decent bit of weather in order to stand under the bonnet with tape measure, notebook & pencil and do my best to put a massive crick in my spine Still, my perseverance held and I got a good plan of the clearances around the engine bay, took it inside, fired up the laptop and spent another hour translating it into layout I could lay the intake CAD over.... .... only to find the intake won't fit Bugger. The issue is the dirty great VVEL servo motor hanging off the back of the B bank, that sits right in the way of the horseshoe Now I could go the route of trying to re-orient the servo and get it to point downward out of the way, but I'm not skilled enough to F around with a system as vital as the VVEL control - and handing it off to a shop that has the skills, would involve far more work and time off the road than I can reasonably accept, just for an intake. While I have had a couple of ideas to reconfigure the main plenum body, it would change the aesthetic far from what I was wanting - basically it would be a rounded off version of the stock plenum in aluminium pipe and plate. So unfortunately this is going to end before it could get legs. I feel the look of this would be fantastic and would love to see it realised - So I am offering the CAD files I have to anyone who would like to take this on and tweak it for their own use. Drop me a PM and I'll see about getting the files to you. Thanks for all the support and encouragement, especially from @andybp - I look forward to seeing the progress of your ITBs ! In the mean time, I will have to have a sit and think of what Zeditus itch I will scratch next ! Cheers all. Draco
  13. Today
  14. Oh s*#t.... I like how you've warned us all of how ear bleeding loud your car will be haha, I can't wait to hear it now. A decibel meter was brought to the last meet, we could all have a gamble on 1. Who's the loudest exhaust is and 2. Who can guess the closest decibel of the loudest exhaust lol
  15. My Gunmetal GT

    Great thanks i assume these lights don’t trigger any error messages like then headlights etc would?
  16. Sounds good we can have a hoon off haha is there a Facebook page I should know about?
  17. This doesn’t make me feel better lol I have the k1 bungs out tripled with a stillen y pipe and berk decats lol I cant hear anything other than noise
  18. To 'Z', or not to 'Z'

    Moving to Scotland sounds like a think I might have to go and do... haha!
  19. Drift experience/ training

    Thanks for all the replies everyone, doesn't look like it'll happen for my birthday weekend as it's too short notice for all of those but hopefully I'll be able to get something booked in the future.
  20. Need Help and Advice on Buying a 350z

    Does anyone know much of a benefit a stock Z get from remapping alone? Is this something that is taken as a given with sports cars, or are they as good as can be out of the box until you decide to bolt on extra power? Perhaps a DE might be a better option for myself then, a lower price tag will give me a bit of a buffer fund for maintenance and insurance, thanks for all the information, I can't thank you people enough for taking your time out to answer my endless horde of questions!
  21. British Motor Museum & Evening - National Event

    Wow! Amazing response so far guys. This is going to be one cracking weekend.
  22. New TV on the cards - suggestions welcome

    Lemme know what you decide, I'd be happy to sort one for you as I work at Richer Sounds! Or PM me your number and I'll give you a bell. Cheers Rich
  23. Fast road/Track 350z HR build

    Cheers Ross, appreciate that!! Glad you liked having a read through it all Looking forward to following your build too mate
  24. 350z 6MT Nissan OEM gear knobs in stock at TORQEN, now also on SALE! Details here: https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/gear-knobs/1925-350z-nissan-oem-gear-knob-black-with-silver-trim-32865-cd00a.html https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/350z/body-styling/gear-knobs/454-350z-nissan-oem-gear-knob-burnt-orange-32865-cd70a.html
  25. Mars next stop :)

    I enjoy watching documentaries on scientist thoughts dark matter, if what they say is real it's very evident throughout the universe and they just can't seem to understand why so much order is visible. Physicists even says it's possible it's what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Watching the BBC How The Universe Works series, dark matter is spoken as if it has a consciousness and is a working hand governing everything. If you get chance it's interesting nevertheless.
  26. Olly's OEM+ inspired GT. New wheels!

    I could be wrong but I thought the ballast was separate to the light and was screwed onto it. Therefore as I said make sure you get the ballast right. There was a thread on MY350z.com a couple of years ago I read about If my memory is correct.
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