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  2. Ahh ok, yeah that gear knob can be a pain in the ass to remove, If I remember, keyser's broke, but he just machined a new one (the benefits of having a fully stocked workshop I guess!) Yeah, seems like they re-worded it, as I say, traditionally, they were two separate (but interlinked) systems.
  3. I am sorry to hear about your friend's Dad. If you are not handy with the tools or a multimeter I would advise taking the car to a roof specialist. The issue may be something quite simple or perhaps more complex and expensive. Where are you based?
  4. As I mentioned earlier what I called TCS Nissan 2017 call VDC so I am going to suggest my module is working and leave it at that. As I did not remove my gear knob I had to unbolt my yaw sensor to unplug the plug so it would be a major job to unplug the sensor just to see what happens. I find it strange that what I would traditionally call the "TCS OFF Button" they call it the "VDC OFF" button.
  5. no the roof was not working when I got the car. the car belonged to my friends dad who now has past away so I can't even ask him.
  6. Right then, something a little different for me a Charity Car Meetup and convoy. Kwik Fit are raising money for Children with cancer UK. Doing all sorts of events but there's one that'll be our thing. Its about 90mins drive (59 miles) from the pre meet in Warwick to the venue through the Cotswolds which should be pretty amazing with a few of us Please let me know once you've paid as I need to let Kwik Fit know, as its a ticket only event. https://www.childrenwithcancer.org.uk/ There is a car meet on Sunday 23rd June from 10am near Cirencester and then a small village drive in convoy. At the meet there will be an F1 simulator and BTCC cars (KF being this years title sponsor) and a few other nice cars including ours. Its £25 per car which will ALL go to charity. Each entry goes in a raffle for prizes, 1st prise is x4 BTCC tickets, 2nd price x2 BTCC tickets. https://kwikfit.everydayhero.com/uk/car-feast-2019 http://www.btcc.net/2018/11/25/toca-announces-kwik-fit-as-title-sponsor-of-british-touring-car-championship/ If anyone is interested in coming, add your name to the list. Pre meet details Location: Holiday Inn Express Warwick Stratford Road Warwick CV34 6TW Time: 8:15 am Date: 23rd June 2019 Car Feast Meet Up Kwik Fit - Malmesbury Old Station Yard Gloucester Road Malmesbury SN16 9JS 1) davey_83 - 350z - DV05AZF Thank you all
  7. Thanks for the update. You have wired it in correctly, so no worries there. If you get the grounds swapped, it will kinda work, but weird things happen, but that isn't the case here. It could be that they simply updated how this works in the 2017 version I guess, meaning you would only see one light. I guess unplugging the Yaw sensor totally would confirm this (if you get the same result, its just how it works now). Cant remember what year Keyser's one was, but other members have also installed in a 370. Traditionally, TCS and VDC were two different systems. TCS would cut power to the wheels, VDC would selectively apply the brakes to arrest a spin and is a last resort to keep you going straight. Another way to try, go find somewhere and try to do a doughnut! if you can, its all working anyway (and is much more fun to test!
  8. Your bank balance would be a good starting point. Seriously, have a search, as this subject has been covered many times. Was the roof working when you bought the car?
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  10. Hi, I have just got my self a 350z on a 07 plate. I seem to have a problem with the electric roof. I have the engine running foot on the brake, press the rood down button and the windows go down I can hear the lock releasing on the roof and that is it nothing else happens. Can any one shed some light on what the first things I should look at. Thank you Lee
  11. I can see what they were going for. Looks really odd without a spoiler. I think the black/silver looks a lot nicer. Interior looks good imho
  12. Im looking to put in footwell LEDs that will come on with the sidelights. I have found from the US forums that you can tap in to the heated seats off the brown plug under the cup holder. You just tap in to the red wire there. I will also have a master on/off switch as well. Can someone confirm/advise on the below wiring diagram i have made for this? The only thing i wasnt sure about was having to put in another fuse, but i guessed that the heated seats power would already have one further down? (there should be a plus symbol on the righthand side of the left LED strip) Thanks in advance.
  13. I am doing 14 hour nightshifts until Sunday so I won't be able to do any fault finding until Monday. When I arrived home this morning I pulled the cupholder to check the wiring configuration: The yellow wire is connected to cut black wire (pin1) loom side The blue wire is connected to cut black wire (Pin1) yaw sensor side The Red wire is spliced to green wire (Pin 4) The VDC warning symbol (See Below) light extinguishes normally (After a few seconds) if I disable the module and restart the engine. If I enable the module the VDC warning symbol (See Below) illuminates permanently after restart. I have just looked at the 2017 Owners manual what I call TCS they call VDC. So when I turn the "Skiddy car Off" using the button by my knee the "VDC Off" warning light illuminates. If I turn the module On and restart the car then another VDC warning light illuminates. There are no other warning lights associated with TCS/VDC so perhaps I do only have one warning light illuminated when using the module. I will provide a link OWNERS MANUALS (2017 370Z Coupe) if anyone wants to check warning lights page 0-14 to confirm this.
  14. 1. andy James x2 tickets PAID 2. Andy_Muxlow PAID 3. 14N - PAID 4. SHEZZA x 2 tickets PAID 5. Mopedmark x2 tickets PAID 6.N1ck x2 PAID 7.BUSTER X2 PAID
  15. Great advert and that's way too cheap mate!! If i have spare £7,500 now, I'll buy it!! GLWTS
  16. Great advert, shouldn't hang about long... Someone is going to pick up a right bargain. All the performance from a Z and a blank canvas for aesthetics, I like!
  17. If it is not very loud it may be a milltek exhaust. Very similar to stock in sound, also very good quality as well.
  18. Or having seen the pic before
  19. Super knowledge, and with a special door handle lol
  20. Why couldn't they do non visual improvements like the GTR?
  21. One easy way to test would be totally unplug the yaw sensor, start the car and see if you have two, or one light. not sure if it’s important, but I’d suggest disconnecting either power or ground from my module so it doesn’t power up when you do this test. also worth checking that you have the ground leads wired right, it is important which one goes to the yaw sensor plug side of the wire that you snip in half, and which one goes back towards the wiring harness.
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  23. Haha you can never have too many Zeds.. especially you
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