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  2. Seems my car is afflicted with the common clonking noise from the front - so has anybody have good condition preferably new banana bars and drop links??
  3. Thanks Kyle. Received the gearknob promptly and fitted into car. Makes a big difference to my tired interior.
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  5. I still have the booklet from BC Racing and I have tried to summarise their descriptions below:- BR type is marketed for street use and occasional track use. ER type is very similar to BR type but offers more adjustability than the BR. You can fine-tune your suspension more with this coilover. DS type is very similar to the BR type but is more track-orientated with digressive valving. It is not recommended for the road. ZR type is the newest type and boasts huge adjustability and is marketed as purely for track use. The other choice is whether or not you want a true coilover setup. This will delete the bucket used for the spring on the rear of the 350z. There are lots of threads/posts on this forum discussing if there is a benefit to this. I have the BR type with the separate spring and coilover (rather than true coilover). The suspension is softer than OEM on the road and when adjusted to firm, performs extremely well on the track. I have driven a 350z with the similarly priced HSD coilovers and I prefer the BC Racing.
  6. Did you ever get one sorted in the end? If so where from?
  7. Could SORN it, then that goes away..? Not like you can sell it with the tax anymore, anyway. I suspect time of year has a lot to do with it - only silly people like me buy powerful RWD cars in November And it's cold / dark to look at them on someone's driveway
  8. Yeah I would be interested to see how big of a job it is
  9. Quite a lot of fab work, from chatting with Alex @ UpRev. I'll ask them for further details if you want me to.
  10. Good to see other Zedders in MK. Lee, I work in Bletchley high street, do you have the JDM 54 plate silver Z? Seen one driving about today.
  11. Beautiful work mate, congrats Best advice I can give is dont listen to anyone else, you know what youre doing
  12. Can’t be that, she’d be too busy chewing on the keyboard.
  13. toyota supra https://www.instantstreetview.com/@51.387311,-0.264197,292.89h,-11.89p,2.37z ferrari gto 250 https://www.instantstreetview.com/@51.389408,-0.263674,15.4h,-17.95p,3.12z
  14. Great price for an hr, just wait it out and don't go any lower. Auto trader was the best site for me and my family's cars.
  15. Not payed attention to this in the past but I will if I ever watch it again.
  16. Hi and welcome along buddy. Sorry to hear of this incident, not good at all. As others have said there are many traders on here and also breakers who may be able to help you out.
  17. Great thread OP, I'm looking to get a set of BC Coilovers for my 350z but not sure which of these (https://www.czokbrand.com/product-category/nissan/nissan-350z/nissan-350z-suspension/nissan-350z-suspension-coilovers/) to go for there's like 4 different types.
  18. I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing. I actually like him but he can be a bit of a kn*b lol. Interesting story though.
  19. I sold my Celica this year on PH, but previous to that I sold my R33 Skyline on ebay and my first VX220 on gumtree of all places (its free to advertise). It really is luck of the draw sometimes! Sold my Zed back in 2012 on ebay as well.
  20. A lot of things I can't change unfortunately haha! The mileage is probably the big issue, which is a shame as the engines are very reliable if they've been looked after - which this one has. I didn't like the frost seats at first if I'm honest, but they've definitely grown on me! Had a few offers for swaps but I'd rather keep them with the car as they really compliment it I think. You're right it's definitely the wrong time to sell. I'm in no huge rush as I've already got my new car sorted, the only real cost is the £50pm road tax, but it's not like I'm not a huge amount each month I'm holding on to it. I've also got the car listed on AutoTrader, Ebay & Facebook, so it's in all the obvious places - is Pistonheads worth paying for as well?
  21. Hi All We are doing a special offer on our bottomline side skirt add ons whilst stock lasts. These come in primed FRP and fit to your original side skirts only Usual price is £250, we are giving 10% off this month, £225 delivered - price adjusted on website: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/350z-03-08-cs-bottomline-style-side-skirt-rear-bumper-add-ons.html Rear also available here https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/350z-03-08-cs-bottomline-style-side-skirt-rear-bumper-add-ons-30561.html
  22. Some ideas, although may not be the reasons! UK buyers are obsessed with mileage and once over the 100k mark believe any car is a ticking timebomb. Appreciate there is little you can do with that! Frost seats are quite polarising, you either love them or hate them? Time of year? I am on a few forums and all are reporting a big slow down in car sales? Norfolk? Maybe a lack of buyers willing to travel?
  23. No interest at all so far! These cars are hard to sell - I think it's a great price for an HR, but I've only had one person contact me and they were a time waster... Anyone got any thoughts on how to shift it? Photo's not good enough/poor description?
  24. Boris says he will not release the Russian interference report in the hope that everyone will forget about it until after the election. So the Russians it appears are cracking on: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50388879 Either that or Dianne Abbot has been mistakenly given a login and password.
  25. Many congratulations!!
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