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  3. My Dad's just put me onto this tonight. Watched the first couple of episodes... its a good watch!
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  5. To update this: been having more braking issues of late to a point: good news is i fitted the module from cs2000 and i haven't had a recurrence of all the lights coming on (well they are on anyway when the module is activated) but my brakes have been getting worse and worse over last few months: i have changed pads cleaned and filed pads changed discs changed fluid all made little to no difference, when braking in a straight line now i have no issues, car stops brilliantly very little locking. When i try and brake on a bend or slight angle when weight is say 70/30 to one side ABS kicks in, brake pedal pulses and it takes an eternity to stop meaning i have been going off cutting the grass at harewood more often than the staff. Couple of questions for those that track the zed or know more than me! 1- if one wheel is unloaded and you brake does the abs kick in for all wheels or just that one? 2- Why does it seem to take twice the stopping distance with abs in the zed than regular threshold braking? 3- if i pull the fuse for abs, does it effect anything else? Im thinking i would rather be in control of the brakes and with semi slicks i think in the dry locking up would still stop me faster than abs braking. 4- why did i not have this issue until recently? has the module above made abs more sensitive as TC/SC is now disabled? Answers on a postcard. Cheers
  6. Contestant Brittany Williams is in a......350Z!!!!
  7. I have not watched it yet, but one of my mates was telling me today that it is a must-watch.
  8. Nissan 350Z GT4 (163/176) Yellow 2005 - £8500 If you are interested, please drop me a PM initially. Time has come to part ways with my beloved 350Z. This has been my pride and joy since 2012 however I have a baby on the way and the car just won’t see the use it deserves over the coming years. I’ve posted as much detail as possible but please just ask if there is anything specific you want to know. Private plate not included, original reg WN05FUT. Asking price: £8,500 – Serious offers considered. My life with the car is documented here: Summery: 2005 Limited edition Nissan 350Z GT4 number 163/176 in Ultra Yellow. 2 Former keepers Mileage just shy of 66,900 miles. Averaged just 3-4K miles a year since purchase. Last service was a P3 carried out by Japex on 08/04/19. Full service history, mostly Nissan and Japanese specialist Japex in Kings Langley. Loads of paperwork, receipts etc. See details later in this post. MOT until 13/04/20. Falls into the lower tax bracket. No major maintenance required – Clutch, brakes, tyres, suspension all good. Chip in windscreen will need addressing - I will not be fixing this as I only had the windscreen replaced last year due to a chip that turned into a crack when repair attempt was made. Car kept in garage when not in use and not used over winter. Set of Work T7R alloys with Yokohama AD08R tyres also available – PM for details. Specs: 3.5L VQ35DE RevUP engine Black leather interior Heated and electrically adjustable driver and passenger seats Electric windows and (heated) mirrors Climate control Trip computer Luggage net 350Z floor mats Bose sound system with subwoofer (excluding head unit) Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA120 with Bluetooth handsfree, Apple CarPlay, AppRadio Mode, Mirrorlink. Steering wheel controls Cruise control Xenon dripped beam headlights Special edition alloy wheels – Falken 452 tyres Special edition pearlescent Ultra Yellow E33 paint Servicing: Apr 06 – 8,094 miles– P1 – Nissan – (Previous owner) Apr 07 – 13,889 miles – P2 – Nissan – (Previous owner) Apr 08 – 19,853 miles – P1 – Nissan – (Previous owner) Jun 09 – 24,320 miles – P3 – Nissan – (Previous owner) Feb 10 – 28,985 miles – P1 – Nissan – (Previous owner) Mar 11 – 36,292 miles – P2 + Spark plugs – Nissan – (Previous owner) May 12 – 40,565 miles – P1 + brake pads – Rickmansworth Sports Cars Ltd – (Pre-purchase service) Jun 12 – 41,258 miles – Clutch/Flywheel replacement – Japex Feb 13 – 44,108 miles – Investigate alarm fault – Allen Nissan/Renault Jul 13 – 45,999 miles – P3 + Spark plugs, new clutch slave cylinder and braided line – Japex Apr 14 – 49,148 miles – MOT – Halford Autocentres May 14 – ??,??? miles – Fit exhaust system + high flow cats – Japex Jun 14 – ??,??? miles – Replace faulty O2 sensor – Japex Aug 14 – 50,650 miles – P1 – Japex Sep 14 – 50,981 miles – Plenum spacer + UpRev Remap – Abbey Motorsport Nov 14 – 51,636 miles – Replace brake pads and fit braided brake lines – Japex Dec 14 – ??,??? miles – New Bosch battery – DIY Apr 15 – 52,685 miles – MOT + Banana arm polybush fitting – Japex May 15 – 52,895 miles – 4-wheel laser alignment – Blackboots/Wheels in Motion Apr 16 – 55,579 miles – MOT + P2 with brake fluid, replace O2 sensor, fit stock catalysts – Japex Aug 16 – 56,660 miles – Cobra Thatcham Cat1 alarm/immobiliser fitted – Autodynamics Ltd Mar 17 – ??,??? miles – DBA T3 brake discs, Brembo HP Sport brake pads, Whiteline droplinks – DIY Apr 17 – 58,666 miles – MOT – Japex Apr 18 – 61,627 miles – MOT + P1 – Japex Jun 18 – ??,??? miles – Windscreen replaced due to chip/crack – Insurance/Nation Windscreens Apr 19 – 65,642 miles – MOT + P3 including brake fluid and drive belts Performance Modifications: UpRev Remap carried out by Abbey Motorsport Motordyne 5/16” plenum spacer HKS Super Hybrid panel filter Carbon fibre air diversion plate Milltek Sports cat back exhaust Hosetechnik braided brake lines DBA T3 slotted brake discs Brembo HP Sport brake pads Whiteline adjustable drop links SuperPro poly bushes – Banana arm bushes Braided clutch line Other modifications: Cobra aftermarket Thatcham Cat1 alarm/immobiliser – Factory fitted unit non-functional. Nismo carbon fibre gear knob Bride fabric gear gaiter Nismo 380RS accelerator pedal Pioneer AppRadio SPA-DA120 Reverse camera Z Boot divider Facelift LED rear lights LED sidelights and front markers Rear fog light red filter removed and red LED bulb fitted Gas bonnet struts Uprated gas boot struts Stubby aerial Photos:
  9. Yeah. Absolutely loving it. Would be amazing to be able to have a go. Not that I have the skills required lol.
  10. Just removed today from a 42,000 mile 2006 350Z. This is the latest VQ35DE CD009 gearbox. This gearbox will not fit the HR (however if you require an HR gearbox I have 2 in stock at the minute.) Was running well with no whines or gearchange crunches. £1600.00 delivered to mainland UK. 3 months warranty. Just reply here or send me a pm with your note of interest.
  11. Just removed today from a 42,000 mile 2006 350Z. Was running well with no noises or exhaust emissions. £1600.00 delivered to mainland UK. 3 months warranty. Just reply here or send me a pm with your note of interest.
  12. I would expect you to find excessive lateral run out. You have replaced a lot of stuff including the hub so I would expect that there is some crude on one or more of the faces which may just be a flake of rust. After you have checked the runout, I would remove the new hub that you previously fitted and start the assembly all over again, making sure that all the faces are meticulously clean. If this is indeed the issue, then you will/may have to replace the rotors again. I am not a fan of the runout correction shims as I prefer to find the root cause.
  13. Thanks Alex. An eye opener for anyone running big brakes or not with this problem. Will check discs with dial gauge tomorrow,naively thought that new discs,pads and hubs would run true!
  14. Definitely check the tyre pressures if you haven't dine so since they were fitted. Garages are notorious for just pumping a load of air in, the wife had one changed and when i checked it had 48psi all the rest were around 34.
  15. Yes, I get that but did you check the lateral run out? If you have lateral run out then the new pads and rotors will fix it for a while. I always check the lateral run out every time I fit new rotors as a matter of practice. Have a look at the vid that I sent over.
  16. Thanks Alex. The rotors and pads were the first thing I changed about 500 miles ago. I have to say it seemed to cure things for a while for maybe 100 miles or so and then it started again!
  17. Andy have you checked the lateral run out of the rotors as it sounds like you have DTV mate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I5Mj_G5LIz8
  18. Hi guys. I know the car isn't stock but your opinions would be very helpful as I have run out of ideas. I've had a judder from the steering wheel for a while and after replacing the the rotors,pads,bananas arms,(smaller shake now),balanced both front tyres and yesterday I changed the track rod ends she still shakes when I brake! The wheel bearings,wishbones and lower control arms have been replaced within the past 3 years. I've got a Hunter Check booked for next Saturday but other than the rack being knackered I'm at a loss as what to try next!
  19. Have you checked the tyre pressures? Did the garage adjust them prior to adjustment. I can't seeing it being the cost to the garage as they hardly adjusted anything.
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