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The Nissan Dealer made me do it - My build thread


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After a long search of Nissan 370's around the country and many "oh yes it's mint mate" disappointments I dropped on my car at the Jct600 dealership in Bradford purely by chance after returning from yet another not as described 370.


We took a short cut which took us past the dealership and there she was on one of those rotary turntable thingies in all her glory, needless to say it was mint. The deal was done and I was the proud owner of my 2009 370z GT spec storm white coupe with 17,000 miles on the clock.


That was two years ago and other than an Invidia Gemini exhaust, Stillen Gen 3 intakes and 25mm spacers all round it's pretty much standard. Until now, so here is my build thread hoping you find it interesting.




I started reading the members builds on here and Zeditis started to set in. I decided to go and look at the very latest 370 Nismo, trading mine in as a part exchange, thinking they would offer me a decent price. WRONG. £10.000 against a £38000 car... I don't think so. So I decided I would go down the supercharged route and all the suspension and brake upgrades as well.


Enter Adrian from TORQEN :)


After contacting Adrian and him patiently answering my many questions regarding superchargers, brakes, suspension and traction control, I decided to go for a complete set up starting with the TORQEN Monster Big Brake kit, with front and rear 8 and 6 pot, which was fitted last Friday.


Pictures below:









Here's a picture with Adrian's Nismo 19" wheels on my car:








Then these bad boys were fitted:




And this SPL, Eibach and GT Spec lot from Adrian's car:








Now do I have Adrian's Nismo 19" wheels:




Or stay standard with mine?




I've had the side skirts wrapped in Avery carbon look wrap, but I don't know if I like them?


Comments please




Ignore the red stripe that's something the wrapping lads did thinking it would look good... It's gone now


Oh and the roof wrapped in gloss black, keeping this on.




Photo courtesy of Dom (dajw) thanks mate.

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Who, me? I never seen this car before! :lol:


Hi John, finally you've started the build thread! You have so many things to add, keep them coming. Your car is awesome already, made me reconsider keeping the 370z :( Still going down the GT-R route, but had second thoughts while I was fitting all these goodies onto your car, I must confess! :D

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Thanks for that, the supercharger is due to be fitted after our trip to the Nurburgring at the end of this month



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Pity you're not getting it fitted before. :dry:


Still I'm sure the 370 will be great fun on the ring anyway or are you hiring another car to go on track or have I got the wrong end of the stick & you're just visiting the ring? :lol:

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Noooo two of us are taking Zeds, we went last year and had a fantastic time , we've just run out of time to install the supercharger before we go as any teething troubles won't be good in Germany so will sort it when we return



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I'll be honest it was pretty daunting first time out on the track what with adverse cambers, not knowing which way the track goes and low flying Porsche and BMW's but I just kept calm and built my confidence up after each lap and before you know it you're hooked



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My pads were on the low side before the trip so I read up on here about pads and with the advise of Mitz from the Cougar store I fitted these




EBC red stuff pads all round and after proper bedding in on the way to Germany they proved faultless on the track so I would certainly recommend them for fast road use



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Not a fan of the black side skirts. Looks like replacements have been fitted that came in black and haven`t been painted yet. Also, not so sure on the Nismo wheels. Don`t think they are really any nicer or maybe even as nice as the standard ones and think there are much nicer wheels around if you are changing them, but I do think dark wheels look much better on white cars... :thumbs:

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