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Core Strut Brace


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Hello fellow Zedders,this is an item that I have been working on for a while now.This is as the title says a Core Strut Brace,it slightly helps rigidity (probably more on track than road) but it is also a Fantastic bit of Engine BLING.

At the moment they are available for DE engines with standard air box or with a Pop Charger fitted, You Must let me know which one as the one leg brace is different for pop charger.A HR version will be available soon.

Price is £185 delivered,this will include the centre Core Brace,a standard left leg brace,right leg brace for standard air box or pop charger which ever you require,4 x new polished stainless bolts for leg fitment with washers and 3x button head bolts for fixing Core to legs.

Now I know that we all have different colours etc under the bonnet so this is what I will do,you can have the whole thing in an unpainted version for you to do it yourself or I will either paint or powder coat the whole thing (all 3 parts) or paint the 2 legs and polish the centre Core as mine is in the following pictures.

Here is a simple how to assemble to your car,

First thing is to remove the bottom bolt on your normal strut brace

Also the 2 sets of 2 from the front slam panel 12mm loosely fit left leg use 2 new bolts and washers80547ee14adaff36a104524ac4bed735_zps66328f8f.jpg9b0232ec7bf3ad108daa067bd857ba0a_zps8599d8d1.jpg9f3482638fa7f523909a8738218b6b8e_zps520bea3f.jpg

New bolts are 13mm these can be a little fiddley to refit,now do the same on the right side lode fit, then fit the Centre Core Brace using the 3 Allen head bolts provided again loose fit.Then gradually tighten up all bolts to a good strength no torque settings provided just don't go overboard. Then step back and admire your beautiful Core Brace :thumbs:



So there it is happy Blinging :thumbs:

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